Attracting Target Users in the Internet World

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Most businesses now have a web site of their own. But, only a very low number of businesses attract business or new customers with their online presence. For most businesses, a web site is the online equivalent of their shop or office which is visible to the public or the potential customers only if they are in the vicinity of the office premises. Not a good idea in the big, vast world of Internet

Just like any business would do advertising to attract the potential customers in the real world, there are different options to attract potential customers to their business web sites.Your web site can attract business for you. Here’s how:

1. Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a web site Search Engine Friendly for certain keywords so that the web site ranks high in the Search Engine results for those keywords.
  • SEO involves at least 2 broad stages:
  • o Making the site search engine friendly for the keywords.
  • o Popularization of the sites by getting as many back links as possible to the web site.
  • It is not possible to guarantee a particular position in the ranking, but it is guaranteed that the rank will improve.
  • A search engine rank will not remain constant and it can change as search engines change their algorithm and also if other players improve their ranking. So, SEO is a continuous process.
  • A business can hire an SEO specialist or work on their own.
  • SEO requires efforts from SEO specialists (if employed) as well as the web site owners.
  • SEO results are not immediate. It can take some time as we are dependent on the Search Engine’s algorithms.

2. Internet Marketing

  • Internet Marketing should co-exist with SEO activities because Internet Marketing offers more targeting options, has immediate results and provides more options of attracting customers.
  • Internet Marketing can take the form of:
    • Search Engine Marketing – Where the ads are placed along side the search engine results and we have to pay ONLY for the clicks received on the ads. Sometimes, it is also referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
    • Display Ads – Where the ads are placed in web sites of your choice. One may select web sites based on demographics of users frequenting these web sites. The popular channels are ad networks.
  • Search Engine Marketing is the best possible way of advertising as ads are only shown to targeted users and we pay only for clicks on the ads. So, in short, a customer has to pay only if a user visits their site after clicking on the ads

3. Content Quality

  • I would say the above 2 options are the short cuts, really! Having good content is the best form of SEO.
  • Quality content is always referred to by others.
  • A web site should always grow in content and add more value to its customers and visitors.
  • Blogging, social media profiles etc are very important to add interesting content and to help others to advertise for you by word of mouth or “likes” (as in Facebook) or ReTweets.
  • Presence in the popular social media sites and a constant improvement in content is actually the key.

There are several simple and free tricks to improve your visibility in the digital world. Only the major ones are captured above. All the best! Hope all the tips help you in getting more customers via your online presence.

Murali Mohan, vBridge –

vBridge is an Information Technology Company specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Software/Web Design & Development. We work in an onsite-offshore model bringing our costs down and at the same time keeping our offshore team transparent to the customers.

We specialize in java, J2EE, Open Source Technologies, Microsoft Technologies, PHP, Databases like Oracle, SQL Server and mySql and various CMS systems. Visit our web site and feel free to contact us for any information. We are eager to chat always, as it is a learning process

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