Creating Powerful Business Videos That Sell – The Importance of the Call to Action

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One of the most important issues facing an online video marketer is the importance and challenge of having a call to action in your video that catches the attention of your customers and helps you to stand out from the others on YouTube.

If you make a video which doesn’t have a powerful call to action at its closing then this is a missed opportunity for your small business to maximise the potential of video marketing. Large companies can use the video to re-enforce the brand, build campaigns and such whereas you need to get the customer to buy!

Here are a few simple tips to make the most of your video.

Ensure you have a discount only for video viewers

This is a tried and tested way to ensure engagement and follow through. For example if you are a restaurant then you could have a free starter or 20% off the whole bill if you mention the offer when you order. This way you will know who has seen the video and acted on it.

There are some important points to bear in mind though;

  • It should stand out and have value. Customers only remember discounts if they make a difference to their pockets – 5% off is unlikely to cut the mustard!
  • The discount needs to be unique so that you can track it and identify it from other discounts you are offering perhaps elsewhere.
  • As with everything in life – keep it simple and don’t load it with unnecessary terms and conditions – the customer wants to feel it is a genuine offer and not just a marketing ruse to get them through the door.

The best way is to have an easily memorable code such as VIDEO20 for a 20% off discount. The video should reference a special code and then you can change the text supporting the video so that you can vary the promotion over time.

Make sure you create an ongoing relationship

The easiest way to do this is to get them to subscribe to your channel so that you can continue to market to them as you add new videos or content to your channel. This can include bulletins and messages. The best and tried and tested way though is to get them to sign up to your regular newsletter or Facebook account. The like button is a great way to stimulate and register customer satisfaction with your product or service,.

The process should again be simple – put the link in the first line of your YouTube description so that it lives just under the video and is always visible and put it in the website burl field of the channel profile. Think about having a sign up to our email newsletter field on your site (preferably the home page) and limit it just to their email. Explain any benefits they will get from joining – continuing special offers and discounts is the obvious feature and highlight this in the video.

Finally make sure to ask them to spread the word!

Word of mouth is always the best recommendation any business can have and spreading the word online has never been easier using Facebook, Twitter and other share options. You Tube makes it very easy with a number of buttons below the video. Encourage the viewers to use them and by following these simple steps you’ll maximise your resources and the profits you can make..

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