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Free classified ad sites are an awesome way to get your product, service or website out there. Craigslist is used by many people getting into classifieds, but I will show you some others that many people aren’t aware of. By using this free classified advertising you can reach more of an audience, target audience in different cities and good backlinks.

Selling a Product – If you are selling a product on eBay or other auction sites, free advertising classifieds are a good way to get your product in front of more eyeballs. You can also target different categories that are relevant to your listing.

Services – If you are advertising a service this is a great place to get exposure, with these free classified advertising sites you can target certain areas for your service by city and state.

Search Engine Optimization – For those into SEO classifieds are good to add to your backlinking campaign. Many people know about and use other methods like article marketing and others but they don’t realize that classifieds are a good option.

So here is a list of some free classified ad sites for you to post products, services and SEO.

Backpage – Backpage is one of the biggest free classified ad sites. It has a huge user base and around 3 million visitors a month. They have a strong presence in the market and have some nice features to help add views and add to your exposure. They have different things like auto repost, sponsored ads which puts your ad in the main category listing and other extras. Backpage is good for traffic and many users say it helps sell their products and services really well.

USfreeads – US freeads is one of the grandfathers of classifieds it’s been around since 1999 which in online classified world is pretty old. They have a lot of users like backpage and have built up quite a following. With them you can have two free links at a time running and for an added membership fee that’s not too bad you can upgrade to the next level. Gold and premium are the next levels of membership above free.

Gold – Here are just a few features

• Up to 25 ads running at a time
• Advertise for commercial purposes
• Ability to add an advertise an affiliate link (great for SEO)
• Renew your ads as many times as you like
• Your own personal page
• And a lot more

Premium – Here are some features
• Unlimited ads
• 12 images per ad
• Specify payment options
• Add a paypal shopping cart for your items
• Create your own product catalog
• Insert a paypal donate button
• Automatic monthly ad renewal
• Create ads by copying and pasting HTML
• Receive SMS alerts to your phone
• And much more

You can also do some extra stuff like press releases and announcements.

Adpost – Adpost is a another of the top free classified ad sites options. They boast about 40k users in a day, so you will get some eyeballs for sure.

Free Plan

-They have the free plan which gives you an ad for 30 days and renewable for 90 days.

-You can add 3 pictures and 1 video to your ad.

-Also a newer feature is that they blast your ad out to 10 other classifieds for more viewers.


Runs for 30 days and renewable for up to 180 days
– Ranking upgrade for $9.99
– Section wide listing $9.99
– Category wide listing $9.99
– Highlight in Bold and Red $9.99
-They say each one of those options increase views by at least 3 times.

– Displays up to 9 pictures plus 1 video
-Page View and Replies Counter
-New option they blast your ad out to 3,000 plus sites with affiliate sites within 24 hours.

Featured Ads

$49.95 for 30 days
$74.95 for 60 days
$99.95 for 90 days

-The featured ads here are pretty effective. Featured ads will appear in all 312 sections as normal ads appear in just one.

-They will also be on the sidebars of the front page which your ad will show for 1,000,000 Page Views, Every Day!

-They also give you a counter to track stats.

-Your ad also has it’s own unique URL so people searching in the search engines for your terms can find it.

-They automatically submit your featured ad to over 150 search engines

-Add is still archived for 12 months, even after your ad expires they keep on the web so people on the internet can still end up finding your ad after your done paying for it.

Whether you go the free or paid route these free classified ad sites do help and are an option a lot of people don’t really know about or take advantage of.

Find more free classified sites, penny auctions, government auctions and more at Sites Like

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