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Let us accept it people do not enjoy reading. They get bored with line and lines of texts that they see in articles. That’s why using articles alone is not a very promising advertising strategy since most of what you read would just be left unread, defeating the purpose of your advertising. This is the reason why the growth of online videos used for marketing has increased over the years.

Unlike search engine results that only bait people who are interested of searching for a particular topic, videos capture the interest of people. They do not care if they need the topic promised in the title of the video. Just the simple thought of viewing something is already enough to make people to want to view your videos. So much more if the topic is already a familiar interest to the viewers?

The trick for the continuous growth of online video is to be able to maximize its potential in making people interested. It means to use videos strategically in order to deliver messages that would be very effective in getting people to want your product or services.

It is of high importance that you carefully assess what to include in your video. Do not be caught up with the five minutes of fame you are going to get from your video. This is the tendency for some people. Instead of talking about nonsense and about yourself, introduce your business, go directly to the point and advertise whatever it is you need to advertise. Present right away how your business could be of need to your clients. Then, make sure that you include all possible means for them to contact your business. Do not rely on the description part of the video. Include contact information within the video itself, like your website and your company’s telephone number.

Another thing that you should remember when using videos for your online advertising is the size of the video file. Make sure that it is not too big or else users would have difficulties in uploading your video. You have to consider that not all people, especially your target customers have high-speed internet connection and high-end Internet connection. Aside from being lazy readers, Internet users are also not so keen to being kept waiting. The slower your video loads, the higher its possibility of not being viewed as some users would just close your video if they get impatient.

Remember these simple reminders when using videos for advertising. The secret of the growth of online video should not just be dependent on its capacity to lure people. It should be able to relay information that people need and it should do so effectively.

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