How Do You Handle A Client Who Does Not Implement Your SEO Recommendations?

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Having a local business client asking for help with their SEO who are not implementing your recommendations can be really frustrating. Since you have taken on the project to review and have serviced their query you will not get anything else out of your contract other than your fees. But for a SEO company reputation and references are just as important as profits. There are more and more SEO experts competing on the market for SEO projects and business clients. How can you handle the situation and get people to respect your expertise even if they seem to be ignorant to your recommendations first?

Why Is Your Client Ignoring Your Recommendations?

There are many reasons why your client might not consider or follow your SEO recommendations, and one of the most important ones is that they do not completely understand the concept. You will have to try and set up a plan and outline that even someone who is not a SEO expert can take on board.

They might have read some articles or books themselves outlining a totally different SEO strategy and they think that it is much easier to set up than your plan, so they are planning to go ahead with some “DIY” SEO with an obviously questionable outcome. You need to make sure they will understand the consequences of their decision.

What Can You Do To Make Them Understand The Concept?

The very first thing to do is to arrange a meeting with your SEO client to go through the outline of your recommendations. Avoid blaming them or making them feel guilty as it is not going to help the case. You have to let them know they are allowed to ask questions and make suggestions. That is going to build up the trust of your SEO client. You also have to prove your point why you think your recommendation is the best solution for their SEO needs. Show them the potential results and give them a reason to stick to the recommendation, handle every objection with care.

How To Prove The Profitability Of Your SEO Recommendations

Money talks! If you are able to prove your client that following the recommendations you have made for their SEO campaign is in their best interest financially you have won the case. They just have to see the results to believe you. If the results are not coming in immediately they might just want to give up and try something else that promises faster results. You have to show your client examples of similar SEO campaigns that used the very same strategies included in your recommendations and how profitable they turned out to be.

You also might want to ask them to explain why they think another recommendation would be more suitable for their business’s SEO needs. You need to show them diagrams and statistics of previous campaigns you have planned to strengthen your client’s trust and gain confidence. This is the key to make your client change their mind and follow your SEO recommendations, eventually providing you with a great reference to use and reputation.

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