How SEO Positioning Can Generate Huge Traffic And Leads

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Those who are earning the big money online are using the techniques below to assure proper SEO positioning.

By taking a few minutes prior to writing an article for an article directory or your blog, you will stand a great chance of getting that article or post ranked on page one of Google. That of course means a Hugh amount of free traffic and leads for your business.

SEO positioning is without question an art that is learned. Let’s take a few minutes to understand the exact strategies involved, and how to implement them into your daily schedule.

Keyword Research is without question one of the most important aspects of SEO positioning. It is important that you write articles and post on your blog that are within your niche. You can search for endless ideas on various topics within your niche.

Once you determine the keyword you would like to write about, head over to and place that keyword into the search box. You want to find a keyword that has around 1,000 – 2,000 searches on a monthly basis.

Chances are the keyword you want will have a lot more searches per month and you will need to continue looking until you find a long tailed keyword. For example if we were looking for Internet marketing which would have to much competition, you might find Internet marketing tips and strategies.

This will allow you to find a keyword that has less searches and less competition.

Once you find a keyword with 1,000 searches or so head over to the Google search bar and place that keyword in quotation marks to find the competition, for example, “Internet marketing tips and strategies”. This will allow you to find the true competition for that specific keyword and not a variation of it.

The number directly below the search bar is the amount of competitive sites for that keyword. When you find a keyword with less than 75,000 in competition you now have a keyword that you can use within your article or blog that you will stand a good chance of getting ranked on page one of Google with.

Now simply write your post within your blog with that keyword in the title, description and 3-4 times within your article. Be sure not to spam your keyword or Google will give you a penalty.

Within your blog be sure to create a category that has the exact keyword within it and place your keyword within the tags.

If you have a blog please be sure to add the all-in-one-SEO-pack as this will assist you with your SEO as well. In this plug in you will add your keywords which should consist of your main keyword, an additional keyword that is related to your article, and your name.

You want your name to always be a part of keywords with everything you post or write. Today SEO is about branding yourself which is extremely effective and will create thousands of searches per month for your name.

Within your blog be sure to have a central theme. You want everything to be related to your niche or you will hurt your chances of proper optimization. Once you implement these strategies you will generate tremendous traffic to your blog or website.

The next step of course is having the proper marketing funnel in place to capture your prospects attention.

Here is your free 3-Day video training The Secrets Behind Social Media That will show you exactly how to use capture pages and establish a proper marketing funnel.

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