How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking for Your Internet Business

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That ever elusive high search engine ranking. All website owners want it, but few, obviously, are able to achieve it.

The first thing that you need to realize about search engine rankings is that there can only be ten websites in the top ten search results for each and every keyword. That is ten among millions! But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to obtain that top ten listing! The trick is to narrow the playing field first.

You do this by using tightly narrowed keywords. Instead of targeting a popular keyword, such as ‘writing,’ you might choose a more focused topic, such as ‘creative writing’ or ‘grant writing.’ By choosing a more tightly focused keyword, you cut the competition for the top ten placements dramatically, increasing your chances of getting in the top ten results for those tightly narrowed keywords.

Getting to the top of the search engine rankings is one thing – staying on top is a whole new ballgame! It takes a lot of time and effort to get a top ranking in the search engines, but once you’ve made it, you have to continue to put forth effort to stay there.

Next, you use on-page search engine optimization techniques. Make sure your HTML code is clean. Use meta tags. Use your keywords in the ‘alt’ tags for links and graphics. Use your keywords in the anchor text used for links. Use your keywords in bold, H1 or H2 fonts, and of course, use your keywords approximately 2 – 6% of the time in your page content.

You must also make sure that you are constantly updating your site and adding content – Search engines like this. But all that still isn’t enough. The next thing you have to do is work on your off-page optimization. You need inbound, one-way links. These are links that you do not have to reciprocate.

You get these links by visiting popular blogs, leaving comments on those blogs that are relevant to the blog post, and including your website link in your signature.

You might also have a blog that is not on your domain. Blog often, and when you post to your blog, ping it, using a service such as and then tag it, using a social bookmarking site.

Moving up in the search engines takes time, and the amount of time it takes depends on how much you do to make it happen, and how often you do it!

Again, do the on-page optimization, and then start focusing on that all important off-page optimization as well!

Vincent Cheng is an online marketer with 7 years of online marketing experience and is a sincere online marketing coach from JeVince Solutions. He is also the creator of the BlueTail(TM) Online Marketing System which has helped more than 1000 small business owners around the globe through his home study course and through a published book with the same name.

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