How to Shake the Winter Blues by Making Viral Videos for Fun and Profit

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How often do you find yourself stuck in the house on them cold winter days, suffering from the winter blues? I bet you said quite often, if you did then your answer is like that of most people during the winter months. I want you to stop right now and think about what you just read, if you do find yourself stuck in the house during the winter with nothing to do, you should consider yourself very lucky. Most people are always complaining that they don’t have enough time in the day to get things done. So, according to a lot of folks, if you have nothing to do in the winter, you are indeed a very lucky person.

Now, if this is true and you find yourself in the winter with nothing to do, and you need an idea to beat the winter blues, why not take up a great activity like making viral videos. First of all, in case you are not familiar with what viral videos are, here’s a simple little explanation. A viral video is nothing more then a little video that you upload to one of several video upload sites on the internet, such as YouTube, and others. The video becomes popular because of it’s title and content, and spreads like a virus, or as they say it becomes viral. A viral video can be as short as one minute or as long as 10 minutes, but most average 3 to 6 minutes, depending on the subject, and the size restrictions of the video sites it’s uploaded onto.

What is the purpose or reason to create a viral video? If you have a website, you may want to create a video on your sites subject matter, then at the end of the video place your sites URL, to help bring in some free website traffic. For example, if you have a website about growing tomatoes, you may wish to share some tomato growing tips, then tell people that if they visit your site, they can get lots of other information on growing tomatoes, then display your website address. Or, you can simply make some little videos for fun, such as family comedy skits, or family vacation trips, to share with others.

Here are some ideas that you can make your videos on; vacations, fishing trips, hunting trips, storms and other nature scenes, local races, or non-copyrighted sporting events, family parties, barbecues, hobbies and activities, how to videos (how to make fishing lures, how to remove bathtub stains, how to use a metal detector, etc).

Once you start making a few viral videos, you may find it’s such a fun little activity, that it keeps you busy all year long, anyway, you will have a great activity to help shake the winter blues.

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