How Video Can Be Used For Marketing

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Video marketing can be an especially potent method of marketing your product or service. This is because while not everyone wants to read copy, everyone is up for watching a video. In this microwave society, people don’t wasn’t to read 500 word article but would rather watch a 3 minute video. The creation of the video is the tricky part. But once you have created a video, it can lead to a tremendous growth for whatever you are promoting.

How long is your attention span?

Consider the following situation; you want to learn how to do something. It can be anything, really, but it is something that you are actually interested in learning about. You are provided two options. The first is several pages of text. Albeit there are going to be photos, but it will still take several minutes to read through, depending on how fast you read. The other option is to watch an instructional video that is 2-5 minutes long. Most people are going to watch the video.

Can an article become a video? You Betcha!

The same information can be conveyed in a video as in an article. In fact, more information can be included. So it makes sense that more people are likely to watch a video. Therefore if you promote your product or service with a video you are already reaching more people. Sites like YouTube and Viddler receive millions and millions of visits a day. People will frequently email each other the link to a YouTube clip whereas they are unlikely to mail an entire article or even link to it.

Types of videos you can use to market

You can use different types of videos you can produce to get your product or service noticed. There are instructional videos. They can be 3-10 minutes long. In this type of video you can demonstrate how to complete a process like setting up a Facebook page. There are educational videos that can be in the form of a webinar that are recorded. This type is usually longer, from 15-60 minutes. This will educate a viewer on a topic like marketing their business on Twitter.

Use your voice to be heard

Some people will say that there particular product or service does not have any real facets to promote. Perhaps it is something non-tangible. It does not matter; there are many highly viewed videos, which are nothing more than a charismatic speaker talking about the benefits of some product. They will add their link to relevant information for people who are looking to get involved, but be assured, it was the ease of viewing that drew these people.

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