Keyword Density: How to Achieve It?

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The relationship between SEO and Keyword density.

Avoiding keyword stuffing like a plague is the key not to get penalized by the diligent and intelligent search engines like Google. The whole purpose of SEO is defeated by indiscriminate use of keywords under the wrong notion that more number of keywords will bring in more traffic to your website. A perusal of article directories and letting the guidelines therein sink in and to always remember what you have learned is of utmost importance to correctly use SEO. It will do you a world of good to carefully review several competitors’ approach and absorb what is in them; how a particular niche is catered to and how a satisfactory result is achieved.

Do not attempt doing a copycat act but work out with imagination and zero in on all possible and effective variations of your keywords, without losing the sting, as it were, and you stand to gain admirably. In your over-enthusiasm, you may go overboard and put words that may look similar to the keyword or even may mean the same thing but with different connotations in different situations and contexts. While there is no definitive description of keyword density in absolute terms in relationship to the text, moderate use of the keyword is the safest way to attract search engine optimization.

When it all started, bloggers and others did not have to bother about SEO or SEO optimizations and their implications. Even so, to avoid being branded as boring or repetitive, bloggers and others in cyberspace have traditionally been playing it safe keeping the keyword density between 2% and 3%. A rule of thumb is using an organic keyword to create related words using imagination and correctly calculating and anticipating how Google Search Based Keyword Tool is going to react to your keyword density.

You can use an excel spreadsheet to save the result after typing a search phrase exactly or in its broad varieties. By adding the website and changing the filter with the terms intact, the items should be exported to the spreadsheet and a comparison made using the search results keeping 5,000 to 999,000 as reference points and notional 60% of the competitor’s text. You can see how there are some changes in the keywords. When a density of between 2% and 3% is achieved, it should draw a steady traffic to your site.

A very helpful tool that comes handy is which can be utilized to assess the density of the keyword. A complete and comprehensive SEO is mandatory to arrive at a satisfactory result. Resorting to using conversational mode of writing and incorporating keyword density many times over is a ploy that fails miserably. The clever algorithms used by search engines are subjected to changes to accommodate all eventualities. This is because they detect a confrontational approach and you are left to hold a contest with them which will not get you anywhere. To help you decide the ideal density you must have in your web page, you may visit the sites you find high in a search result.

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