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Just like in any other business, you won’t invest in somebody you do not know, or in someone who has insufficient capabilities to help you succeed. Choosing an SEO reseller without carefully considering all the options can put businesses in rough situations that lead to failure. You need to know your provider, and if you don’t sufficiently scrutinize your prospects, you can expect misfortune for your business. You hire SEO resellers to expand your business and to have someone help you in getting clients for your business. If you entrust your business to a reseller you don’t know, you might just end up babysitting the reseller to prevent him or her from making mistakes.

See yourself as a prospect
Once you’ve established an SEO firm and you have a pool of resellers in your team, you should put yourself in a prospect’s shoes. You have to come across as a strong and reliable SEO firm to attract SEO reselling firms. Remember that most serious businesses are picky with choosing SEO firms, because they put their name at risk each time they deal with a client. Be an attractive target for all SEO resellers by establishing your name on the Web. Remember the basics of ORM.

Managing SEO resellers
It’s best to occasionally manage and track your resellers. Although you hired them so you can focus on your SEO, losing track of resellers might lead to problems in the future. In my case, we set up professional guidelines before accepting them in my company. Quota is a strong word, but resellers have to achieve a certain number of clients per month. This minimizes the need to supervise resellers, because you gauge their performance according to that guideline. Although there is no given yardstick in measuring a reseller’s productivity, it’s your call to set up guidelines for resellers. You’ll just have to balance your time and efforts between your main tasks and reseller management.

Online reputation and portfolio
So what should you consider when hiring an SEO reseller? Most SEO service providers today have an online presence. They usually have websites that provide personal and professional information. One thing to consider when searching for a reseller online is by considering the reseller’s online reputation. There are SEO resellers that have built positive reputations from their present and previous campaigns. If an reseller applied for the job online, you have to consider his or her portfolio. They should have management and communication skills, at least. The reseller’s credibility and ability to get the job done should also be considered.

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