Make Online Business Videos Work for You – Best Ever Tips to Maximise Your Conversions and Sales

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Once your video is up on the web it is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year advertising your business to prospective and returning customers. Coupled this with the rise of social media (Facebook now has over 500 million users worldwide) it can powerfully share and propagate your message. The opportunities are endless. In the following article I will share with you the best ever tips to get your online videos noticed and working for your business.

In addition, social media sites and video go hand in hand and most sites encourage video posting and sharing. The viral video opportunities are endless when you use the right strategies to create and post your videos online.

If you’re new to using and making video, or have been thinking about getting your camera to work for you for the first time, here are some great tips and effective strategies to get you going.

How to optimize your videos – 6 quick tips that will make a difference.

The most important one is the title
It should be obvious but it isn’t always – how many times have you see videos with titles such as! It’s important for two key reasons: one – the most obvious is to get the viewers attention instantly and the second is the keyword relevance to search engines – particularly Google who now owns YouTube and can quickly update its search databases.

Make sure the video has the best possible content
Get in your customer’s shoes – and walk a mile in them – what does she need to know – what are your key selling points and make sure they are accompanied by interesting images and music if appropriate. And don’t forget with the fast uptake of broadband, HD is now possible and the finished results can look astonishing. However – and I’ve been guilty of this myself – don’t make the videos too long – the perceived wisdom is that 2 minutes should be enough for most purposes.

Put the web address in your video
You can now use text boxes in YouTube and some of the smartest operators put calls to actions and a web address to gain the viewers attention whilst they are watching the movie.But don’t overdo it though – many viewers are put off by too much ‘caption clutter’.

Make sure you get the brand in
Whether you do this for the whole length of the video as an on screen icon or just at key points in the video is down to your choice but make sure it is in, and prominent and certainly at the end. Don’t let the viewer forget who you are.

Provide a link to your site and make sure it’s in the first line.
You can have up to 5000 characters in your video description with YouTube and you should make sure the link is in the very first line and the key words are in your first few lines. Write fresh informative copy and don’t copy from elsewhere from the web – Google penalizes plagiarism and will reduce the power of your video in search results.

Embed and Beyond the Tube
We all know that really YouTube is the only ‘horse in town’ – but make sure you embed your videos outside of the YouTube channel particularly in your own website so viewers don’t have to make a special journey to find them! This will also help to ensure customers and prospective customers spend valuable connect time on your own website therefore enriching their customer journey and bringing them into contact with you business.

To infinity and beyond – Buzz up your videos
It’s a crowded marketplace and everyone is competing for the same short attention span on the web – we quickly move on if we don’t get what we want. So here are a few more great tips to get your business noticed, and your customers buying. – the ideal way to present your company online in the best possible way, stand out in a crowded market, keep target customers longer on your site, increase your presence to search engine.

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