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Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to market online at the moment. There is over a days worth of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, so video marketing is very much a force to be reckoned with. Test your knowledge by answering the questions below.

1. When creating a video I should:

a. Keep them as short as possible

b. Try and include as many effects as possible

c. Make them 15-20 minutes long so people can really get what I’m saying

The answer here is A. Unfortunately when people are surfing the internet, they have a very low span of attention so you need to be able to get your message across as quickly as possible. Make it short and snappy, but pack it with information.

2. The most important part of my video is:

a. The first ten seconds

b. The middle as people have warmed up to me by then

c. The ending as that’s where the climax is in most movies

Answer A is correct. People on YouTube or any other video websites are generally looking to be entertained. If your video doesn’t capture their attention instantly then they’re off searching for something else to excite them. Think of the first 10 seconds as a shop front. If it looks great people will be enticed in, if not they’ll try next door.

3. When I shoot a live video I should:

a. Spend a couple of hours editing it to get rid of any mistakes I make

b. Do 10 – 20 takes until I get it just right

c. Just chop off any rubbish at the start and end and then leave it as is.

The correct answer is C. With video marketing your main aim is to build a relationship with people so they can see you’re a real person and get to know you better. Most people aren’t T.V. presenters and people on video websites aren’t looking for that sort of quality. They want real people warts and all, so lose that self consciousness and give them exactly that.

4. True or False? If I want my video marketing to be effective I have to ensure all my videos are face to face.

False. There’s many different options available for creating videos. If you’re too shy to appear on screen try doing a screen capture video. Showing people how to perform a particular task, known as a how to video is a great way to do this. Or you could try video creation software like Animoto where you create a video slideshow with text and pictures to get your message across

5. True or False? I’m not very good at talking so I should script everything I do.

False. Remember when you had to read out loud to the class from a book at school? Reading a script sounds exactly like that, like you’re reading something out to a class. All you need to do is write down a few bullet points and then talk around the bullets. Practice a couple of times to work out what you’re going to say, and then just hit the record button!

How did you go? There’s a lot more to video marketing, but the main thing to remember is just to be yourself, don’t be self conscious and try and keep your videos as short as possible. A good tip to remember is that when you film a video, there’s no obligation to post it to YouTube so why not be as natural, funny, serious, wacky as you want to be? Who knows it could be a hit!

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