Marketing With Video, a No Brainer and a Big Problem

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Marketing with video is a no brainer because…

First, people love watching videos. Google vs. YouTube search query stats clearly indicate that when people look for information, answers and instruction, they would rather watch than read. So online businesses that use video in their marketing and in their content, get the most attention and generally convert more buyers.

Second, traffic. It’s much easier to get page one rankings for videos than it is for text based content. So if you want to leap ahead of your competitors, upload your videos to YouTube and then have content link to those videos using keyword loaded anchor text. Remember, YouTube is only second to Google in terms of traffic.

Third, conversion. What’s more engaging and fun to consume – a text based, 15-page sales letter or a video with graphics, text effects and music? Statistics clearly indicate the latter gets more screen time and converts better; all other things being equal (like the offer).

But video is a big problem because it’s technical. Someone actually has to know how to edit the video and sound, create PowerPoint, motion graphics and text effects. These skills don’t come cheap and that’s got a lot online businesses cornered because they clearly see the benefits of web video marketing and web video content but the cost of production is too high to pump out enough high quality video content.

Some entrepreneurs attempt to develop these skills themselves to cut these costs. But the problem is that the typical video course tells you how to edit a video and then upload it YouTube but this leaves out many critical steps in creating marketing videos and rich content like fastrack workflows for flying graphics, text effects, edited sales copy voice over, and music. None of this has to be hard! And anyone can learn how to use all of the necessary tools so that marketing with video is easy as long as they have the clear step by step workflow in front of them.

Solution: workflows.

A step-by-step set of instructions to create a specific type of video. Like a marketing video, for example. A workflow tells you only what you need to do to accomplish a specific project. Literally a click that, check that box, turn that on etc. sequential set of instructions to do in a couple of days something that would normally take you months on your own, or years of study to learn how to do.

A workflow is akin to a recipe for a specific dish. And in this case, we are talking about marketing and content videos for the web.

Get the no nonsense step-by-step video marketing workflow and dominate your niche with super cool videos for marketing and content. Marketing With Video

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