Organic Search Rankings Explained

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Organic search rankings are one of the best ways to improve the volume of traffic to a website. Organic or natural search results are based on content, keyword relevance and link authority, amongst other things. Organic search engine optimisation targets different kinds of searches which include image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical searches.

In contrast to paid search, this type of search is not influenced by commercial bids or payments.

Advantages of organic search ranking

If your site doesn’t appear in the first few pages of the search results, the chances of users finding your website are very thin. Organic search engine optimisation can place your website on the top and make users visit your website. In addition to this, optimisation also brings the following advantages:

· Greater click-throughs
· Building brand image
· Higher return on investments
· Free online marketing tool

Greater click-throughs: Organic search results are more popular among the internet users as they trust such rankings compared to paid ones. Since this type of rankings are not sponsored ones they are supposed to be more relevant. These days, internet users have become smart enough to distinguish paid ranking and organic ranking. Surveys also show that it is the natural search results that pull greater click-throughs and traffic to sites that are listed at the top by the search engines.

Building brand image: Appearing top on natural rankings will definitely improve your brand image. When your website appears on top, users tend to believe that yours is a better brand compared to your competitors. Thus, appearing in the first few pages can help you market and promote your brand more effectively.

Higher return on investments: Since organic search results are not automated ones, visitors believe that the top ranking websites offer the best solutions. This trust will convert into sales as visitors assume that your rankings are for targeted, relevant keywords. These conversions can result in your business earning higher returns on investment.

Free online marketing tool: The best part of embracing this type of search engine optimisation is that it is a free marketing tool. You do not have to pay search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to increase your ranking. To stay on the top, all you have to do is create web pages with keywords relevant to your industry or the products or services you offer. Be sure to use relevant keywords on about four percent of every page. Let the keywords appear twice or thrice in the first paragraph, a few times throughout the body and once at the end of your page.

Incorporate organic search engine optimisation to your online market efforts and get your website listed at the top of search results.

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