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If you’ve been involved in the internet marketing world for some time now, you’re probably already familiar with pay per click. Wherever and whenever pay per click is mentioned, only one word comes to mind: “P-R-O-F-I-T.”

Pay per click is today’s most popular advertising and online revenue model that allows marketers to easily promote their businesses and products or services with the help of search engines and affiliate programs. While there have been various frauds linked to it, there’s no doubt that it’s still the most commonly used moneymaking scheme. This is indubitable as pay per click is very easy to use and very profitable as well.

But, how does PPC really work?

The Pay Per Click Process

As mentioned earlier, pay per click is a very user-friendly scheme. This is why a lot of beginner and even expert marketers continuously use it. Pay per click is commonly used in 2 ways: through search engines or affiliate programs.

Search engines

All of the top search engines today, namely Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing run their own pay per click programs. Google has Google AdWords, Yahoo has Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN has Microsoft adCenter.

All 3 search engines follow bid-based rates. This is a policy wherein advertisers bid on a certain keyword. Depending on the amount bid and the relevance of the keyword, an ad may or may not show up in the results pages when a user conducts a search. Usually, the best spot is granted to the highest bidder. Of course, this is not to say that only a single ad will be featured. There may be as much as ten ads on a single results page.

As bidding can be tough, it’s a must for PPC advertisers to choose their keywords carefully and wisely plan their budget. Otherwise, PPC might bring more debt than profits.

Affiliate programs

In a way, pay per click marketing through affiliate programs is quite similar. That is to say your advertisement will be seen by a lot of users, your link will be featured on numerous websites across the World Wide Web. PPC through affiliate programs also provide advertisers will a lot more freedom.

To do this, you’d either have to setup an affiliate program yourself and acquire affiliates, or -which is much easier- you could use a CPA network to publish your affiliate program. In that case can use the network’s software and get exposure to the network’s existing base of affiliates.

Similar to search engine PPC, though, affiliate programs also observe the bidding scheme. Nonetheless, there are several that use flat rates. Flat rates, as the name implies, are fixed prices set for specific types or sizes of ads.

Pay per click marketing is a great way for promoting businesses and products today. Regardless which option you go for (search engine or affiliate program, you can get an astounding amount of profits. However, with this very lucrative scheme, it’s a must for you to continuously research, pick the right keywords, and adjust your ads to gain ultimate success.

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