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SEO is a much-bandied about a word that is seen hither and thither all over the internet milieu, used by serious people who write in the internet space for fun and by those who earn a living by it. It is only the later that need to learn the serious nature of SEO and its possible effect on their writing and earning. There are literally 1000s of websites that are dedicated to Search Engine optimization purportedly teaching it to those who care to learn it. Enterprising entrepreneurs have all jumped in and have come up with all sorts of software that ensure SEO in myriad varieties. One basic truth that one comes to realize from all this is that SEO is something very important.

SEO simplified

Let us suppose you have a website that is dedicated to sell top-end mobile phones. Type “Mobile phone sellers” in the Google window and you are immediately flooded with 1000s of websites that have the phrase mobile phone in them. This means there are 1000s of online marketers of cell phones and they are all your potential competitors and anyone wishing to buy a cell phone could do so from any website he fancies. Basically, it is like any other traditional market place. Only there is no search engine there and there is certainly no SEO either! The tools that could bring in new customers to your site by getting it to the top of search engine results are a big advantage that you can have. By the virtue of being up there in the lofty place in search engine results, the site attracts more visitors and a steady growth is ensured by more and more visits by more and more people. A sort of chain reaction that is very agreeable to the site owner!

How does SEO help a website?

SEO is essentially a tool to make a particular webpage easily accessible to all those are looking for contents that are similar in nature to the said page. SEO uses links that are indexed by search engines as a result of the way they are programmed. The facility by which this is achieved becomes progressively easy and fast by the useful links and the search engine rank goes higher and higher along with the many pages indexed. It works proportionately and brings in more visitors as more pages are indexed. You can see that this is made possible only with SEO and without it, you would still be struggling to get visitors.

Should you spend money for SEO?

It is entirely up to you whether you want to spend money or not to get optimized by search engines. You can use Google to find free programs that teach you step by step the SEO techniques and how to go about subjecting your website to SEO by means of some Do It Yourself methods. You do not have to conclude they would not be very useful, they being free. Not necessarily. There are in deed some very apt programs, only you have to look for them earnestly. On the other hand, paid products come with a guarantee and they could provide for comparatively easy implementation of the required procedures. If you have more than a passing acquaintance in these matters, you could go in for free products and learn on the job i.e. learn as you install and become an expert by the time you have completed the installation. Or, if you think it is not for you to meddle in things you had better steer clear off, being something of a greenhorn, you had better settle down to spend some amount of money to buy a product and be done with it.

Can SEO work in your favor for all time to come?

The simple answer to that question is a simpler no. Nothing lasts for ever and all good things must pass. You are not the only smart operator out there in the internet space. If you are seeking out some SEO techniques and applying them to your business, so would millions of others. It is sort of first come, first served program. Even if you have achieved an enviable rank in SEO, it is not a guarantee that you would remain up there for all times to come. Many others may join the fray with perhaps more sophisticated SEO techniques and overtake you. You must always plan for this eventuality because more pages means more congestion and SEO may turn sour for you.

Are there any disadvantages of using SEO?

It is impossible for a majority of people to figure out how website optimization is carried out by a search engine. In fact, it is not really necessary. The basic tenet, however, is that formatting a web page has something to do with how a search engine ranks a site high. You can always find out the relevancy of words in a particular domain to a search engine by constant research and finding out the ways keywords influence the search engines. Meta tags are an important means to achieve the search engine optimization.

There are two kinds of optimization efforts. Online is what we have been discussing about above. In short, Search engines look for keywords but reject them when there is a surfeit of them for being spam and for trying to brow-beat the system. The title of the page should invariably contain the keyword and you can always find the keyword in the body of the HTML. Some other means of optimization calls for submission to article directories, popularizing in forums of various kinds and in social networks. After reading all this, you may be encouraged to attempt SEO on your own in which case, you stand every chance to succeed. If you want to go in for the services of SEO experts, do it, it is your choice, really!

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