The Importance Keyword Density Plays in SEO

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When a keyword is searched, search engines immediately start determining how far a particular webpage is relevant to the keyword or a phrase specification. An overdose of the keyword density puts a search engine off and the page is mostly branded spam and will face rejection. A paucity of the keyword, on the other hand, makes the page fail the grade and absent itself from search results. It is in deed a tricky proposition to achieve a judicious level of keyword density thereby not being branded spam and face rejection or not to show up at all.

How does one calculate keyword density? Calculate how many keywords or key-phrases there are in the whole page and divide the total number of words by the total number of keywords. Say, you have a concentration of 20 keywords (one too many, obviously) and there are 100 words in total on the page. You divide 100 by 20 and what do you get? A keyword density of 20%. Enough for any search engine to get jitters and throw the page out of circulation.

The broad census is that the keyword density can start at 3% but in no case should exceed 8%. Go above it and you may not ever be able to see your page in search engine results, having been penalized. All the billions of pages and all the potential keywords fall into the ambit of this general rule. It is prudent to spread the keywords among all the pages in such a way that only the most relevant words show up on a particular page, always keeping in mind the cardinal rule that keyword density does not exceed 8% at the maximum.

Some time-tested methods to decide keyword density are actually very simple. Take a single page of the website and put it into a word processor, be it Openoffice Writer or Microsoft Word. Click Select All in the Edit menu. Click Word Count in the Tools menu. You can see a line which tells you how many words are there on the page. On a piece of paper, note this figure down. Back to the Edit menu now, Find should be selected and clicked on. Choose the keyword that needs to be counted and type in the Replace tab. Be sure to type the keyword in the Replace. This will make sure that the text itself will remain the same. When the whole process is over, you can see how many words got replaced which you can interpret as the number of times the keyword appears on the page. You see the total number of words on the page and the total number of times the keyword appears on that page. You can thus calculate the keyword density easily.

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