Understanding Ads on Websites: CPM Vs PPC

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CPM and PPC are the two most prominent ways to get paid for having a website or a blog. Now, what do the two stand for, CPM means Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions or the amount of money you get when one thousand people see the ads. PPC stands for Pay-per-Click, this is simply the amount of money you earn each time someone clicks on the ad. To figure out what type of ad is best is your job, as it is different for every website. A website with a high click through rate is probably going to do well with PPC ads and a site that gets lots of views but does not have a very high click through rate is going to do well with CPM ads. In the end you really just need to test the different types of ads to see which works best for you. If you are interested in putting ads on your site here are some big names to check out: AdSense (Google’s PPC ad system, good but you can easily get banned), adBrite (PPC or CPM, works well for some, worse for others), Chitika (only displays ads when someone comes from a search engine, if your search engine traffic is low then I would not recommend this), BidVertiser, Kontera, CPAlead.

Once you have chosen an advertiser that you like, how do you put the ad on your site? Well, this is easy, all you do is look at the HTML code of your site (if you use notepad then everything is already in HTML format, if you are using programs such as Dreamweaver then switch to code view). Then find where you want to place the ad. Now go back to the advertiser website (the ones that give you the ads), create the ad and at the end of the process you should see a box of code. Copy this code and paste it in your website’s HTML code. If this is a bit confusing which it probably is, look it up on YouTube and you will be sure to get a response. Another side not which is key to making money from ads is placement. Make sure to place your ads wisely if you want them to pay off. Check Google to see where the best places for ads on a website are. Now you are done and the ad is on your page, good luck making your online money although remember, without traffic this will not work.

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