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Ok so you have decided to make a video to help promote your business or service, but before you go any further you have to decide how you are going to do this.

As well as thinking about your budget, product or service and who you wish to target you have to make a serious decision. Do you want to film it yourself using your domestic home camera?

If you have financial problems but you think that a video will help your business then our advice would be to just go ahead and make it. What is the worst that can happen? No matter what others say to you that the quality of the film could be detrimental to your business or service, we say that you might as well have something to help you get ahead in this competitive market than nothing at all.

But be cautious because in the end of the day it all depends on what your business and service is, after all you know your business better than anyone else. How do you feel you wish to portray your business to the market and your potential customers? As mentioned in previous articles, using web videos to promote oneself is on the up, and will soon be an absolute must for every business as a sole trader and corporation, as it is most likely that every potential customer who searches on the internet will more likely use the services of someone they have already been introduced too via a video.

Other organizations who are charging you stupid amounts to produce a video for your business are not justified in today’s climate and we do hope that you consider all the best options out there to promote your business, so please beware. A bit of searching on the net will find you the best deal and then ring the company to further reduce the cost because in today’s climate they also need the work.

You Tube and your website is also not the only option to help promote your finished video, you should realistically consider other video websites which are available to upload your video as this will help bring more attention and eventually bring more hits to your website, which hopefully will result in further business for you. Vimeo and BT Tradespace are some accounts that you should definitely consider registering on and then uploading your videos to as well as all the social networks which can help you circulate the video further.

Viral ads is also accessible to all businesses not matter how big or small, please read our next article to see how you can take advantage of this technique and increase your visibility on the internet.

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