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Once the golden child of internet marketers and keyword evangelists, search engines were the be all and end all of online marketing. But these days, not so much, because they no longer have the monopoly of driving traffic to your site.

Enter social media, which is currently all the buzz both online and offline. It has managed to become the most popular method of promoting businesses and products today. It is also very effective in communicating with your target market. It doesn’t cost much – in fact, most of the services are free – and it’s easy: it doesn’t take a genius to publish content constantly. Social media has even been credited to giving corporations a more human touch, and a lot of big companies and television networks are using it today. It has become very common for a website to have a Twitter and Facebook account. Before, the main concern was how to use the right keywords so people would go to your site. Now, the goal is to share the content instantaneously, with the help of tweet and like buttons.

One of the most common content being shared now is videos. If you are a YouTube user, then you should consider social media when distributing and promoting your content. It’s no longer advisable to rely on search engines to get more referral traffic. A lot of people – basically your audience – use social media in their daily activities, so it is only understandable to use the same avenue to communicate with them and share your videos.

Take Facebook, for example – more and more people spend most of their time online on Facebook. Aside from updating their status and communicating with friends, Facebook has become very popular for viewing online videos. In fact, it has now surpassed Yahoo for online video search. People are now using Facebook to search for new content, and they are viewing the videos there, too, instead of going to the actual video source. This is because Facebook has made it possible for their users to do almost everything on their site. It has changed so many of our online habits as of late, that it won’t be surprising if in the future it establishes itself as the largest online community there is.

Twitter is also a great avenue for sharing content. If you have a lot of followers, it’s a big network that you can tap immediately to promote your video. One short tweet a catchy phrase can spark an interest that might get your video retweeted over and over. You can also utilize hashtags so that your tweet will appear in the search results of people looking for a certain keyword.

YouTube has recognized this phenomenon: they have now provided links and widgets that would enable Twitter and Facebook users to share content seamlessly. You can even link your YouTube account to both sites! With these tools for your convenience, you can get more referrals and promote your videos with much more ease.

Twitter and Facebook are only two of the most popular social networks out there. If you haven’t done so yet, creating an account in both sites would probably be one of the smartest things you can do. You have at your fingertips millions of people that are already there onsite, communicating, interacting, and sharing. All you have to do is join them.

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