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Your “About Us” page is an important page on your website for at least two reasons. It is another page that contributes to your website optimization. But more than this, your “About Us” page is one of the places undecided potential customers often click to in order to evaluate whether your business is one they want to do business with.

I have had many clients tell me, “I don’t see the point of an “About Us” page. Nobody goes there.” Is this true? It isn’t for my website. Because I track which page new customers contact me through, I know that my “About Me” page has sent quite a few clients my way. Here’s why. That page shares why I do what I do and how I do it. It gives potential clients a reason to connect with me.

Create a Story your Customers Connect With.

I have every client answer a series of questions that helps me identify the story behind the company. Asking yourself these same questions will help you develop an “About Us” page that shares more than facts.

  1. What prompted you to develop your product or service?
  2. Were there problems or challenges you faced?
  3. Were you looking for a solution to a problem and found one?
  4. Did you have an “ah-ha” moment, a moment when a “light bulb” went off?
  5. What is motivating you to sell your product(s) or service?

These are little windows into who you are, what kind of person you are, etc. This kind of information helps customers relate to you. People remember stories. So creating a story that your customer’s connect with helps them remember your business.

You may want to add some additional details to your story. Here are some questions to ask.

  1. What do you have to offer that differentiates you from everyone else? Avoid bashing the competition. Just focus on things that you do.
  2. What are your core values as a business person? Share what motivates your business model.
  3. Why do you do business the way you do? You might only provide online services. Share why you have chosen this business model. Or you may only provide local service. This is also a choice that may be worth highlighting.

Give customers a reason to feel like your business is one that they can feel comfortable doing business with. Give them a reason to contact you.

After You’ve Connected With People, Connect with the Search Engines.

Once you’ve established a story and added to the story additional details that promote customer confidence, it’s time to ensure that you have included keywords that promote search engine recognition for your business.

Keywords should flow naturally throughout the “About Us” page content. You don’t want to destroy the personal connection you want your content to create with potential customers. Your story should be connected with what you do or sell as a business. If it is, keywords should take care of themselves.

Don’t do like I did with my original “About Me” page. I had a lot of story but very little connection with my work as a ghost writer. My visitors may have been entertained by the story, but I wasn’t optimized for SEO at all. This meant that the page wasn’t helping my site get found.

You want to balance these two features–tell a story and optimize for SEO. If you do this, you’ll make major progress toward having an “About Us” page that benefits your business.

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