What You Have To Know About Optimizing Images For SEO

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The use of images is very popular these days, and there are more people utilizing image searchers when they are on the internet. This is probably because of the natural instinct that people want to see what they can get, and the images are answers to these queries.

If a web marketer has a striding image of their products and these get displayed in the first page of the search pages, then they can expect a lot of traffic from these. Visual presentation has a big impact on people, and is the reason for the popularity of video sites in the internet these days.

But the search engine’s spiders don’t have eyes and with no capabilities to read images, so no crawling can be made. What they see are only texts or the codes in your site, so it is imperative that you focus on the texts of your site’s contents for better optimization.

For this reason, you have to optimize your website images for SEO and make them have great chances for the search engines to integrate the images into the search results. And these are the things that you have to know about optimizing images for SEO.

– Keywords in image file name. Make sure to have a file name of your website’s images and include keywords for better optimization. Use hyphens as a keyword separator for better crawling by the search engine’s spiders.

– Keywords in image titles. The use of a descriptive title will be a good SEO technique for your images. The inclusion of keywords in the title tag is an important factor in image optimization and the key to better search engine ranking of your images.

– Keywords in image captions. Image text captions are those that the search engine spiders will read and have an interpretation of your images. Inclusion of keywords also, has to be done for better optimization.

– High quality images. People usually give more preference to quality images posted, and disregard or click back to search when images of poor quality are seen. This is an important factor and you have to ensure that your images are user friendly for better results.

– Anchor text links to your images. A good optimization technique for your image is to have an inbound link, like a descriptive anchor text that can link to your image. Have proper inclusions of keywords also, for better optimization.

These image optimization techniques will give you better opportunities for attaining high page rankings of your images in the results pages. And with better positions in the search engines, traffic will follow and more opportunities of getting more revenues for your business.

This way you will be successful in the use of images for your marketing efforts. And the best thing to do is have your images optimized.

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