Why Using Video Testimonials Boosts Sales

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Several days ago I rented the movie, “The Social Network” because an acquaintance mentioned it in conversation, she didn’t recommend the movie, she just mentioned it. When I was in the video store looking for an interesting movie to watch, “The Social Network” stood out as if it were 3-D.

I imagine a lot of the buying I do is the result of unintentional recommendations i.e. so-and-so bought this product, like this movie… Think I’ll give it a try! I know for sure that many of the books I read are recommended to me by people I respect.

When I’m alone in front of my monitor at 2 AM, diligently working on my blog I can almost hear my PayPal account screaming, “You need to buy something.” I often read many of the testimonials to see why other people bought the product and if it performed as promised. I am a discerning buyer after all. (Yeah, Right!)

But now with the advent of video testimonials, I can actually hear and see other people like myself who have purchased the product. Unlike a written testimonial, I can hear emotion and I imagine I can see honesty in the face. If someone speaks of a problem I’m having, that the product solved for them and is believable, I’ll probably buy without much hesitation.

Video Testimonials Are Very Powerful.

1. Because people trust the people they can see who are like them.
2. A good video testimonial is believable much more believable than a written one.
3. A well-done video testimonial sticks with a person longer.
4. Videos testimonials will help people reach a buying decision quicker.

Those 4 reasons and some I haven’t thought of equal “Social Proof”. That’s the good news for anyone doing business on the Internet. Get your customers to do video testimonials for you and your sales will go through the roof.

Here is the bad news: I guess my naivete never let me consider this but there are companies that marketers can hire, to have actors do video testimonials for products they probably have never even tried.

In the late 50s my grandmother told me, “Buyer Beware!” That advice is still as true today as was back then, maybe more so now. My belief is that there are many more honest people than there are dishonest and I’ll weigh my buying actions with grandmother’s advice in mind.

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