Why Your Articles Aren’t Converting Like They Should

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Mistake #1: Article Marketing is NOT the same as Backlinking.

Despite article marketing being a form of backlinking, not all backlinking is known as article marketing. This is due to the fact that article marketing provides a significant value to the article reader which will therefore bring in massive backlinks to the website. Backlinking provides significant SEO benefit to the website, as well as connecting your articles back to your website or product.

Article marketers provide an exhaustive explanation of the topic, even if it takes longer than 1000 words or more. They write one concrete, informative and readable article, and have it syndicated to those high quality, long-running websites all over the internet.

Backlinkers, however, merely compose approximately a 200 word paragraph, and refer to it as an article. They write only one piece of article, and have it spun into more or less 1,000 versions. They will then have these articles posted on thousands of here-today-gone-tomorrow autoblogs, where most spun articles quickly disappear.

Article marketers believe that quality is a lot more important than quantity. Unfortunately for backlinkers, they believe the opposite.

Mistake #2: Know Your Subject Better Than Your Readers

There are two reasons as to why it is helpful to publish articles in directories: First – To get your articles republished by other website owners. Second – To have the article readers click the links you’ve indicated in your resource box. However, neither of these helpful things will happen if your article bears no substance and has little or no meaning at all. Website owners are capable of composing and publishing their own nonsense articles without linking them to other websites. Further, if the reader is already familiar with your article content, (as they probably will when you publish such fluff articles), then these types of instances will tend to drive them farther away from your website.

Just remember that article readers will follow you back to your website once they find your articles to be informative, direct, thorough and concrete. They’ll have trust in you.

Mistake #3: Create an Effective ‘Call to Action’ At the End of Your Article

Upon reaching the end of each article, most readers either go back to their previous page, return to their search results, while some others browse the entire site a little further. Unless the reader is provided with a compelling and effective reason to stay and explore your website, your reader might probably choose a different alternative.

Mistake #4: Follow Up With Your Readers Regularly

This is where the ‘Mailing List’ is extremely useful. You need to utilize your mailing list in order to stay in touch with not only your long-time valued readers, but also with the new comers. If you’re not in constant communication with your readers through the mailing list, you tend to lose money. Regardless if your website is only a pre-sell page for a newly released item, your first objective must always be to obtain your reader’s email address. After doing this, you can now send the reader towards the ‘Sales’ page. Otherwise, once the reader finishes his/her transaction, you’ve already lost the chance to get in touch with him/her. Considering that most online shoppers are needed to be exposed to offers prior to purchasing something, you’ll lose the majority of sales merely due to the fact that you did not attempt to follow up with your readers.

Mistake #5: Remember To Run Split Tests On Your Campaigns

Such questions like ‘Which anchor text converts better?’, ‘What resource box obtains the highest number of clickthroughs?’, ‘Which color headline brings in more signups?’ Up to the tiniest detail, right down to the font you decided to use in your website bears a major significance in your conversions. The only way to improve your sales and come up with more money is to constantly tweak and test your website. Don’t just let it sit there while you stare into space and wonder why you have no profit pouring in.

You can check out this article at Article Marketing Techniques on Blogspot.

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