Why YouTube Is Preferred by Online Publishers Over Other Video Networks

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YouTube’s popularity has made all sorts of things possible for everyone. Online video marketing by way of uploading videos to YouTube enables publishers of all kinds to easily build their online audience and viral website traffic. After Google purchased the popular network in 2006, many folk became addicted to the video sharing network, just because they knew Google owned it. Savvy publishers know that the ever-so-popular network is flooded with tons of free traffic, if they consistently upload and optimize their videos properly, in efforts of driving traffic, making potential sales, and reaching new consumers once never thought of.

A lot of people like this popular video site, because of it’s brand name. And, because the video sharing network is so popular, it draws people together from all walks of life. In fact, savvy publishers use the video sharing network site to upload videos, and include links back to their blogs, websites, and forums, in efforts to better their organic traffic and positioning in major search engines. Many publishers find the method of including a link to their site, blog or forum quite successful, after uploading a video to their YouTube channel. When they do so, it attracts people to come see what their video is all about. And, when people see their video that is uploaded to their video channel with a link to their site in the video description section, it encourages viewers of videos uploaded to the publishers video channel to visit it, thus, also helping to virally spread the “word of mouth” about the link in the video description they saw with their other friends online, and maybe share it on social networks such as AOL lifestyle, Bebo, Friendster, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, GlobalGrind, and many more networks.

Publishers also use this celebrity video networking site because it easily helps their videos get found in video search results, versus other competing online video sharing sites. Many publishers have reported faster success using YouTube to get traffic from their videos after uploading to their video channel, versus using competing video uploading and sharing sites. And, being that it’s owned by Google, many webmasters, publishers, affiliate marketers, and bloggers see it as a silent goldmine, because they have the “know how” to easily convert video traffic into virtually instant ad revenue, by way of consistently uploading videos, writing a unique keyword rich description, including links to their sites in the description of video or videos uploaded, tagging videos properly with targeted and highly searched keywords, and most of all…staying humble and hungry.

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