How to Choose Domain Names for SEO

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There is an ongoing debate on the importance of keywords in domains. Some say they are important in search engine rankings, but others say they really don’t matter. The truth is, both arguments are correct; it’s just that one is applied in the present and the other in the older SEO business. But from then until now, domain names for SEO is still a crucial element in getting targeted traffic to a website.

This article aims to educate everyone on the most effective means of giving a site a domain name. Yes, you may still see some sites that top the search engines but are in direct opposition of the pieces of advice listed here. But please bear in mind that this is not THE ultimate guide to domains; rather, treat this as a helpful article that can get you a step closer to SEO success.

The right domain names for SEO must meet these requirements: a.) gauge the percentage of possibly landing on page one of search engine results, b.) shouts authority, and c.) ability to retain to the memory.

A domain name containing keyword weight in search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo because their latter’s algorithms identify the keywords the moment a user enters them in the search box. But even though search engines value a keyword in the domain names for SEO purposes; it does not mean that you should go for the lengthy-all-keyword domain.

The keyword in the domain name defines what the search engine gives out when a user looks for your niche. For instance, if you decide to register a name like; then you will most likely get associated with oranges and elephants. Now I’m not saying that’s bad if your target market are people who are into oranges and elephants; but what if your niche is all about martial arts? Do you think such an association will help boost your rankings?

In line with the paragraph above, be it known that the hyphenated, multi-term domains are frowned upon by most search engines and users. Why? They look and sound too “spammy.” Basically, the longer the URL is; the more difficult it will be to remember. If you want to establish authority, keep your domain name as simple as possible. The best domain names for SEO technique to utilize is: “generic keyword from your niche + any catchy word”

Speaking of authority, more related sites like to link to an authoritative domain name. If you are new to the SEO world, this will work to your advantage. It’s like riding in the popularity of those that have already established names for themselves.

Here’s the catch, most good domains are already gone by now. If that is the case, you have two options: spend time brainstorming or you can buy from domain flippers. Basically, domain flippers are re-selling names that may already be getting traffic. The problem is such names have been “live” for sometime; thus, they may already have some undesirable history.

At this point, it’s up to you to decide whether you’d go for new names or buy those that already get some traffic. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the tips mentioned above when choosing domain names for SEO purposes. If you have the right name, you’ll be starting your business right as well.

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