Is Content Still the King of SEO?

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The saying “content is king” used to float off the lips of every search engine optimization expert as if it were straight from the Bible. Today, there have been tons of changes in the arena of SEO and many are wondering if this saying has become outdated or inaccurate. The answer to this is a very loud NO.

Content is still the king of good search engine optimization and in fact some people would argue that it has risen above kingly status at this point. There is a lot of uncertainty floating around out there about what the search engines are or are not looking at when they determine which websites rise to the top, but one thing that has never been questioned is the importance of very high quality, informative, entertaining content.

If your website has been stuffed with keywords and makes little to no sense to human beings, chances are you will be discovered and blasted into irrelevancy by Google. If you have a website packed with great articles that inform visitors on topics vital to your niche and video clips relevant to your niche and highly entertaining, then you are going to have quite the opposite reaction from Google: you are going to be rewarded with lots of free search engine recommendation.

What has changed is the type of content deemed valuable, entertaining, and worth a reader’s time. It used to be that “content is king” referred only to written content on a website, but today the most successful sites are using other types of content such as video clips and audio files.

These more advanced forms of content are deemed more valuable today than written content because they are highly entertaining and take less work from visitors to digest than reading. It is certainly easier for visitors to kick back and watch an informative video clip than to read 400 words of text, especially if the video is done in a light-hearted or funny manner.

Yet, a site filled with one video clip after the other isn’t likely to get very far with readers or the search engines. There needs to be a nice mix of audio, video and text so the site is well formed with tons of valuable content of all types. This is what visitors are looking for when they visit a site, so it only makes sense that the search engines will be looking for the same thing.

Let’s end on a note about keywords. While you need to have the right keywords woven into all of the content on your website, it should not be so stuffed that the content has no meaning or is difficult to read by an actual human.

The trick to getting noticed by the search engines is to write content tightly related to your keywords. This way your keywords naturally fall into place and you don’t have to force them into the text. While stuffing keywords at a 4% or 5% density might have worked a year or two ago, it definitely is not going to fly very long with the big changes being made by the search engines today.

Content is still the king of search engine optimization, but the type of content included on the most successful sites are changing. If you haven’t featured any video clips on your site yet, right now is the time to start learning those ropes.

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