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Ok so you want to know if you should or should not buy into a Pay Per Click Campaign.

Let’s talk about you first. I imagine that you went into business so that you could do what you do best, share your talent and retain the profits for this talent, right? Your ex-boss was the one who was benefiting from your amazing talents but now you are reaping that experience you gained in full by operating on your own. Do you still expect to be paid 7 to 20 per hour? No of course not you expect that you as the business owner will now be getting the full benefit of the talent you acquired during your stint with him/her.

Your family deserves this right? RIGHT!!! So now your off in business… and broke. Not what you thought you should have done as you have the talent. Your hourly rate is different but you are not pulling in the new paying clients that you need to reap a return on your business profits. So how do you do that with out killing your personal budget too?

With out a lot of funds to operate your business it is difficult to think about pulling more money out of your pocket to keep the business afloat let alone making a profit. So you head down the social media path hoping that your “connections” will share with their connections what you do and some may actually help you here but so far not enough.

Here’s is your justification – it costs money to do a PPC and you just don’t have it right now but you will as soon as enough friends or connections sign up with your social media pages. You create a Facebook account or a Twitter account, or a LinkedIn account and start working the sites religiously. Day in day out for hours on end. Hey, they are free, right. Doesn’t cost you a penny to manage them. Or does it?

Think about this – how much do you cost? What would a client have to pay to retain your services? 100? 500? or even 10? Let’s go with the easy numbers – the 10/hour.

Add up how many hours you have spent over the last month or even week working those pages. Let’s go with an easy number here as well. 10 hours over the past week (this is easy to do BTW you get lost in time and suddenly the day is gone). Just a couple of hours a day and boom your $100 just went out the door, spent on time you spent Facebooking or Twittering. And did you see one single red cent for that effort? I am guessing your answer was a big fat NO! As it is a very common issue that I hear day after day, with business owners just like you all over the world.

But just think with that very same dollar spent on a PPC you find out immediately how many folks are out there looking for you and why. You also find out that one thing works to get them coming to your site but yet not paying. They are coming now but they are not signing up. So now you change just one small thing on your site and suddenly there are orders coming in droves.

You spent a few dollars to find out that there really are people out there searching for what you offer and now they are calling you. With that very same 100, you are now thinking of expansion rather than bankruptcy.

Using a PPC turns your very valuable time and expertise into a business explosion that no social media ever could. Don’t get me wrong I advise our clients on a daily basis to do social media but only as a secondary marketing venture and not the primary. See the difference? Use your social media but don’t use it as your primary and only source. Friends are great but business is still business.

PPC’s are scary as there are now funds coming out of your pocket. But did you ever realize that you were spending so many of your hard earned dollars on social media? Isn’t your time worth money too? When with that simple time value is turned into real bucks in your pocket you do.

Turn a simple PPC Campaign into thousands of dollars for small business owners like you in days or weeks. We have seen it happen and create this kind of success with our clients daily. Wouldn’t you rather be spending your time answering your calls than on Facebook or Twitter? Want to learn more about how a PPC can work for you?

Set up a Google AdWords account if you do not have one already then Start a keyword research on Google AdWords for what you do, asap. You will see what we are saying.

Tip of the day: Make sure that your website has Google Analytics set up on it so you can watch the hits go up and up and up.

If you need help you are welcome to call us or email us for help anytime. Our focus is your success first all advise is FREE.


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