Search Engine Optimization – The Basics and Some Basic Methods

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There is a wide spectrum of different traffic generation methods that fall into the scope of search engine optimization (SEO), the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. These methods range from the simple to the complex, and everything in between. And some methods are easy to implement; others may require help from experienced SEO experts.

For example, some traffic strategy focuses on improving the basic code of the webpages, to other basic techniques like using tags all the way up to very advanced and complex, multifaceted strategies like link building designed for concentrated optimization. Before you get started for yourself and see what you should be doing, here’s a quick overview of a few ideas you should become familiar with.

1. Indexed Web Pages: Indexed pages are pages that have been found and recorded by the search engines, so to speak. It means that not only does the search engine know that the page exists, it also has it in its collection, and can display it for an appropriate search result when applicable. Having your main domain indexed is the most important thing, but that doesn’t mean that all of your individual pages are indexed.

2. Cross Linking: Cross linking refers to the linking of your own various online presence, from one site to another. You can link from your blog to your website, from your YouTube page to your blog, and so forth. Internal linking, on the other hand, refers to the links that direct visitors from one page of one site, to another page within that site. Choosing keyword-rich anchor text within cross links and internal links can boost SEO.

3. Organic vs. Non-Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is all of the search engine traffic that comes to you naturally, through an individual typing in their query and finding your page. Non-organic traffic is also called paid traffic, and it’s advertising to become a sponsored result for particular search engine queries. This can run up a large bill, but it can also push you to the top of the list and boost your exposure and traffic greatly.

Of course, there are many other basic, intermediary and advanced strategies, terms and concepts when it comes to SEO. But starting with the above methods is as good a place as any to get you moving ahead in the right direction. Learn more and seek help as needed to start and grow your online activity.

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