Should One Focus on Google Search Engine Optimisation or Also the Other Search Engines?

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The comparison between Google’s SEO (search engine optimization) and Yahoo’s SEO has always been a favorite discussion topic among webmasters. Google is the most popular search engine available on the web today and therefore all other search engines want to achieve Google’s success. In my opinion the way Yahoo and MSN rank the websites is somewhat similar whereas the ranking system of Google is totally different. Also the Google ranking system keeps on changing regularly which makes it more difficult for the webmasters to achieve their desired ranking.

Unlike Google, other search engines like MSN & Yahoo continue to keep a query result on the same rank for a good period of time which is very beneficial for the ones who get the higher positions. However in Google, the ranks keep changing. Nothing is fixed. Maybe with time, Yahoo and MSN too will start following what Google is already doing.

Relevancy is of great importance in Bing. If a website has correct LSI keywords, it will get a higher ranking on Bing. Google will also soon do the same. So instead of repeating exact keywords, you should use LSI keywords. Many professional link building companies offer a LSI keywords promoting service.

Google search engine provides links which are relevant. On the other hand, at Bing, with a higher number of relevant links, the chances of a higher rank in the query result increase. There was a time when sites with a large number of outbound links would be banned by Google. However, it would be a good idea to have an appropriate number of outbound links since Bing likes it this way. It would be a good idea to seek professional help here to obtain a better page rank. The professionals can easily identify the places to put appropriate links.

Among all the search engines, Google is the most used and favorite as evident by the fact that it is accessed free of cost by millions each month. Undoubtedly, its ability to deliver the most relevant query results in the shortest amount of time makes it popular. At Google, the content available is upgraded frequently and it is always the latest and the best. One assured way of getting the query result at the top rank on first page of Google search engine is to type in a phrase with as many possible keywords.

The above stated qualities of Google make most internet marketers target their SEO on Google since they believe it will fetch them greater results. There are others who believe in simply using Google and nothing else.

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