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When choosing a domain name, everyone wants to be the top dog, the best. Many just throw a name together and hope it works. However, just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it is a good name to use. Here are a few rules you should follow when choosing your domain.

Stick with Most people when searching look up keywords more The exception is if you are from another country then you would use a country specific such as (united kingdom) instead of .com. Otherwise using will give you the best chance at receiving traffic.

One thing regarding traffic you should consider is how you intend to get traffic to your site. Some people prefer to use search engines to draw their traffic while others use banner ads and paid search listings. How you draw traffic to your site will play a large role in your choice of domains. If you choose solely to rely on search engines to draw your traffic then you will want to use real words and phrases that people are searching for. (Discoverable domain names) ex: swimming pool accessories. But, if you are relying solely on paid search listings and banner ads then you will want a name that is memorable. (Brand able domain name) ex: Yahoo, Google, etc. to name a few.

Also with choosing your domain name in regards to traffic, remember to avoid names that would be similar to competing domain names. If your name is to close to another domain name you may inadvertently drive traffic to a competitors site and away from yours or even unintentionally violate someone’s trademark, something you never want to do. Violating another’s trademark is the same as stealing, and can land you in a world of hurt in a hurry.

Try a few creative ideas such as compounding words, using phrases, tweaking words (change the spelling), using a suffix or prefix, or just make up your own unique name. Remember to keep it short and catchy, memorable, and easy to spell and pronounce.

Don’t expect to get the first name you choose, you may have to try several before you find one. The way to work it so you get a name you choose is to come up with a list of possible names. Make sure they are names you like and that you follow the rules when picking them, in that way everyone is happy. Keep them short and snappy, memorable, easy to spell and pronounce, make sure they work with the way you intend to draw traffic to your site, and be creative. Above all stay away from names too easy to confuse with competitors names and never violate another’s trademark. Remember these rules and choosing a domain name should be easy. Happy searching!

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