2011 Technological Advancements in Web Hosting Industry

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With every year, we see some technological changes and Internet technology is becoming a giant industry with new creative minds pouring in every direction on daily basis. Some of the unique changes that have revolutionized Web hosting companies in this year are LiteSpeed, Cloudlinux, R1 soft and Softaculous. All these features are dominant and play an important role in managed WordPress hosting.

Advantages of LiteSpeed

• LiteSpeed is available in Standard and Enterprise edition where standard edition is free for personal and commercial use.
• Both the editions are based on same LiteSpeed Network Core, where Standard version has limited features whereas Enterprise edition is fine-tuned for providing ultimate performance.
• Due to Clean and optimal network processing architecture, which is designed for low latency and scalability, LiteSpeed is 2 times faster than Apache for static content whereas Enterprise edition is 6 times faster.
• LiteSpeed supports PHP, which is automatically configured during installation; with proper attributes, you can boost your PHP performance to 50-100% than Apache’s mod_php.
• In one or the other ways with some interfaces and third party, software’s LiteSpeed also supports ASP, ASP.NET and JSP/Servelet and it supports unlimited number of virtual hosts.

Advantages of Cloudlinux

• Cloudlinux is a new operating system, which is formulated for web hosting which is integrated for commercial support and is well integrated for improved density and stability for multi web hosting.
• Very easy to deploy being integrated with the RPM-based Linux distribution (Red Hat, Es and Cent OS)
• It is useful resource isolation using LVE technology and fully supports OS at a fraction of other commercial distributors.
• You can double the shared hosting accounts, as it is stable and reliable with increased density.
• With this OS now account will get slow taking down the whole server by limiting the resources used by any site with increased stability.
• If there is any poorly written script it will protect server from draining resources of other accounts.
• This offers fast updates for the OS, which are tasted with major control panels, and you will get web portals to manage your servers easily and efficiently.

Advantages of R1 Soft

• This is high performing disk-to-disk backup software for Linux and Windows servers in the hosting and cloud infrastructure that has recently released all new CDP3.0 Enterprise edition.
• It includes the latest disk-based back up storage capabilities, which uses on disk journaling to protect achieved backup data from corruption caused to technical problems in data center.
• This is more suitable for growing storage demand for the data centers, which are storing almost 64 Terabytes of back up data and thousands of recovery points for each of the protected servers.
• Backup time is reduced alarmingly for Windows from hours to minutes.
• You can exclude individual files and folders from the block level replication process.
• Some additional features, which will be implemented in future, include web hosting control panel, file archiving and Disk safe encryption.

Advantages of Softaculous

• No wonder if Softaculous in coming days will take over Fantastico as it has updates that are more recent and has almost 150 scripts compared to 50 scripts offered by Fantastico.
• This is more users friendly and is able to take backup of applications.
• Installation is easy and less time consuming along with the ability to import scripts, which are manually installed.
• Softaculous also offers overwrite option for already existing files.
• Ability to install JavaScript libraries and ratings of other users who have already used it are viewable.

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