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Gone are the days when companies spent large sums of money for business promotion activities through print and electronic media like newspapers, radio ads, news broadcasts, press releases, and fund raising events. Not only they made dent in company finances, the resultant efforts were not that beneficial either. A large part of the problem was reaching out to the masses- if people were not aware, how can products and services sell?

This is where email marketing comes in! As the name suggests, it is form on online marketing strategy through which companies communicate with prospective clientele with the hope of gaining business. Most of these companies are based online or work from home options. Some corporate houses outsource email marketing task to professionals also.

Whom To Email?

Obviously, one does not have a pre-designed list of bulk email lists. In bulk email marketing, you send promotional offers to prospective clients. There are numerous online sources to purchase bulk email lists. But, refrain from purchasing such lists as they are most of the time full of dead email addresses. Also, one is not sure how the email ids are generated and whether the generator of these lists have requisite permission of the email id owner. However, there are legitimate bulk email programs one can purchase. Such programs are difficult to come by, so conduct a thorough search before purchasing bulk email lists.

Therefore, the question stands- how to generate email addresses? One way is to create subscription page on the website. Visitors have the choice to enter the subscription list and they can also verify them. So, in case you are sending any promotional offers, the person knows how you have their email id.

In other words, having ‘permission’ to send mails is necessary. Without permission, the mail ends up in ‘spam’ box and therefore, gets deleted.

Getting Attention

When you receive an email, what is the first thing worth noticing before opening the mail? It is the ‘subject’. Bulk email marketing tactics suggest that the ‘subject’ of the mail should attract the attention of the reader. For instance, some email ‘subjects’ remain ‘blank’ and some contain general introductions like ‘Hello’ or ‘Interesting opportunity’. Now, how many people have the time to go through all such generally worded emails? Clearly, the subject has to be catchy that compels the address owner to read further.

Negative Email Marketing

New entrants to bulk email services often make callous mistakes that ruin any future chances of success. One of the basic problems is over-selling. When subscribers subscribe on newsletters and promotional activities, they do not expect to be bombarded with frequent emails in their inbox.

Constant emails about company products and services seem like over-selling. When you send newsletters, remember to send informational newsletters rather than sales promotion letter. Try to concentrate the readers’ interest on the benefits they will receive rather than the features. A well crafted newsletter perks the reader interest and motivates them take action.


Email marketing campaigns are emerging to be more successful that other marketing communication strategies. They are cost effective solutions, requires minimal effort, and resultant business is enormous. Rightly generated and propagated email marketing campaigns help in building company reputation over time and create a base of loyal customers.

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