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The days of plain vanilla websites with just text and pictures is passé. More and more websites are embedding audio and videos in their sites to attract visitors and video marketing has turned out to be a major revenue booster for many online businesses. There are many advantages of video marketing which are explained here.

1. One of the best advantages of video marketing is that the viewer can instantly relate and bond with a person who is addressing them. The human touch sets off an emotional response and connection which is very valuable. When you watch a face addressing you directly, you feel more assured and comfortable. The gestures and emotions on the face of the video presenter are a lot more convincing and you are more likely to accept the sales message compared to just plain text or pictures. With technological advancement, better video shooting equipments and cheaper prices to own your own video equipment, it has suddenly become possible for just about anyone to take to online video marketing.

2. The combination of sound, visuals, animation drives a very powerful message to the visitor and this fact has made video marketing increasingly popular amongst online marketers. The senses of sound and sight are activated instantly by the video playing on your screen unleashing a total multimedia experience.

3. Information overload has made prospects very impatient and edgy; they rarely want to spend their precious time reading text and watching pictures. They would rather prefer watching a two minute video to get a hang of the product or information. A short video of two minutes can pack in enough information to fill out five pages of text or more. Surely no visitor on your website will be patient enough to slog through that many pages of text. A video can provide the right perspective on the product very quickly and the target audience can understand and be convinced about the product or service featured without drowning in endless words.

4. Videos are as easily sent to the recipient or posted on blogs, forums and messages as a link to the website. You can embed them into a website page or send them on email and also post them on social networking sites to reach a very large number of people across the online community. A video relevant to a targeted community on such social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can hit the nail on the head and pays off the investment. Make sure to produce quality videos and not cut corners in production values. Hire a professional video producer so that the viewer finds it engrossing and watching it becomes pleasurable, rather than pain.

5. Similar to updating a webpage, with addition of newer and fresher resource and content, you can update your videos periodically to keep your audience looking forward to your videos. New products, offerings, promotions and discounts are best featured on your updated videos.

Arnold Pedrigal is an award-winning video producer who has experience in creating videos that help organizations achieve effective branding. He is the Founder and Executive Producer of Prowave Media productions, a Silicon Valley-based creative marketing and video production company that uses technology and social media to help your organization solve the challenges of reaching your target audience. You can visit their website at:

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