Best Practices and Tips for Video Marketing

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Once you decide to take the route of video marketing like thousands who are doing everyday, you must understand the medium well before embarking on the marketing plan. To get the most out of your video marketing, you must keep in mind a few points which will help you design an effective campaign.

1. If you can shoot a professional quality video on your own, then do it. Otherwise employ someone who has all the necessary skills and creativity to produce a highly engaging video that can put your sales message across. Amateurish efforts will waste your time and you will end up with less than satisfactory videos, which even you may not like to view.

2. Don’t cram the video with lengthy sermon and visuals. The idea is to keep it short and interesting. If the video is too long and the interesting part starts after two minutes, the chance of the viewer staying with you is very slim. Take care not to launch into a hard sales pitch immediately. Lead the viewer slowly by being informative, persuasive and tempting. Once the viewer is hooked, the video must close with call for action, otherwise no sales conversion can take place.

3. Use the social media judiciously and not create a lot of self promotional noise. If every message, tweet or comment just links back to your home page, blog or video link, you will soon find yourself isolated and without many friends. The idea is to socialize and cleverly use the medium and not ride roughshod to drive your sales pitch. Resources which are valuable to your friends and community, even though they are your rivals can earn you respect with your community and an unshakeable faith in you.

4. Network with as many like minded people on the social media. Even competitors can prove to be great asset once you form a close knit community and leverage each others strength to promote your business. This healthy rivalry will pay off in the long run.

5. Be open and communicative in social media platforms. Participate in discussions, comment with your views, ask for opinions and feedbacks and carry the conversations forward. These will create a great interactive rapport within your niche community and circle, helping you win loyal customers. Social media is the exchange of ideas, views, opinions and information and the more you get involved and engage with others, the better it will be for your business.

6. Passive and subtle marketing is the strategy to follow for social media marketing. Mention links in your messages, comments but not as direct reference. Start off a discussion on the topic of your interest and share a resource, so that more people can link back without being obvious. Instead of directly asking the crowd to visit your website, you can suggest it as a resource of value.

7. The title and keywords must be very relevant, hot and search friendly. This will enable your video file to be near the top of the search and drive more traffic.

8. Video marketing is more driven, impactful and paying, but you should know how to use it to your advantage.

Arnold Pedrigal is an award-winning video producer who has experience in creating videos that help organizations achieve effective branding. He is the Founder and Executive Producer of Prowave Media productions, a Silicon Valley-based creative marketing and video production company that uses technology and social media to help your organization solve the challenges of reaching your target audience. You can visit their website at:

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