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So let’s get started building your list or growing it. – Your blog set up – picking the right domain name… The best domain names are descriptive and serve to identify your target market…containing keywords that potential clients would search by. This will help improve your site’s search engine rankings dramatically. Remember the importance of targeting a Niche Market -your market needs to be narrowed in to a Niche Market. Take time on your domain name, keywords – and you will have your clients finding you soon!

1. Keep your domain name short – this looks more professional, is easier to spell, and more memorable. They also look nicer on printed materials and advertisements.

2. Avoid Unnatural Spellings:Many domain names use numbers to represent words such as 2 for “TO” and 4 for “FOR” or the letter Z in the place of an S. Names like can make your domain name more difficult to remember or, worse, send your visitor to your competitor at 3. Use a Dot-Com Extension: Nothing will replace the brand name associated with a dot-com domain name. Learn more tips and shortcuts for making your WordPress blog your ‘Home on the Internet’ so that people who are interested in your topic will find you easily.

And, remember this is another beautiful day, no matter the weather when you are working in your home office with your home based business and/or online business!

You know by now that with each new start-up online business or new website you will get better and better. A Business Coach helps make that happen more quickly for you. If this information is a bit beyond you, but you know that you can learn it all on your own!? Wow – think again! It is time consuming trying to find it all on your own -you might save a few hundred dollars as your business growth waits another few months to grow – is that really a savings?

Get clear on what you want here – is it a business you are growing, or is it feeding old illusions about saving money and doing it yourself? Business clarity gives you power. The power to go where you want in your business and life. Yes, it is still your decision… I am here to start with you from ground zero or wherever you are at right now, and I can be with you through all the steps.

Donna L. Ward is an author and as a business coach, is spiritually gifted in helping others find and clear their business path. Inspiring, motivating, and empowering others to joyful successes.

Go to my blog,, and listen as I interview A-listers – learn, grow, and get to know me at. I invite you to explore becoming a client with Donna, you can book a free business coaching session. This type of business coaching is a unique opportunity to be personally mentored by an entrepreneur who understands what it really means to be an inspired businessperson.

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