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When travel banner ads are advertised through graphical ad on the internet, the brand gets displayed all over the internet- either through a particular website (also known as Online Publisher) or through networks that receive high traffic (called Publisher Network). Travel companies can place travel banner ads on specific websites that attract the company’s target user or opt for general websites that are categorized under RON (Run On Network).

The ads are generally sized at around 468 pixels x 60 pixels. The other sizes available when it comes to travel banner ads are, Large rectangle (350 x 200), Leaderboard (728 x 90), Skyscraper (120 x 600) and Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600). Placing a travel banner ad on the internet has a lot of advantages over general newspaper or television advertisements. They give the internet user the chance to either ignore the ad or go through them and learn more about the offer immediately.

Targeted travel banner ads are often able to attract traffic from interested public and that too at a minimal price. Online Publishers offer a variety of ad-sizes, formats and costs. Given the range of options, travel companies can opt for the option that proves to be cost-effective for them. One can work on the image of his company by using the same theme on the ads as the theme one uses in other business related materials. Therefore, even if the internet user does not click on the ad, the user gets to see the company logo, announcement, and company image. This ensures that the brand image remains in the users’ heads and when they have to search for the company’s services, they type in the name of the brand directly into the search engine.

Such ads also give the companies a chance to measure the results of the campaign. There is availability of an administration panel that records not only the numbers of users viewing the ad but also the actions they take after viewing it. But any other media is not able to provide such methods of measuring the success of the ads. Travel banner ads also prove to be more economical as they are cheaper to design and to run.

The ads also generate qualified sales as they defy geographic limits by being visible to users on websites that are accessed all over the world. All it requires is a strategic placement. Travel carriers can advertise their travel packages on popular travel sites and even hotels can make use of such websites to place ads on them. Specialised websites ensure that when users click on the ad, they are already interested in the product being advertised. This, of course, adds to sales.

Therefore, travel banner ads on content specific websites prove to be a boon for the travel industry as it helps in publicizing services at economic rates.

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