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There is a substantial technical complexity when we talk of making a choice of SEO services. These services are meant to simplify your internet needs but quite often can confuse you instead. When selecting SEO services, you need to be responsible and cautious, you should know what to expect and what not to expect. There are many SEO companies which have a firm standing in the market, so it should be as simple as just going out and choosing the one you are interested in. Well not quite, when you are looking for a company that offers SEO services, you should carry out the following checks.

Find out the rankings of various SEO companies by searching for them with different competent keywords such as SEO LTD., Search Engine Optimization, SEO companies etc. Doing this, you can find the names that are repeatedly coming in the top ranks of the searches. If the company you are interested in is regularly present in the top 5, then it is a good deal. Otherwise, it is a sheer wastage of your time and money.

As they say that you should practice what you preach, a SEO company’s website’s Google ranking is an indication of its popularity and success in the market. Moreover, companies with a good Google page ranking gives a positive sign about its reliability. Checking the Google page rank for the website of your desired company is strongly recommended. Google page rank (also known as PR) tells about the popularity of your company. A SEO company with a ranking of < 3 does not suit the bill.

Looking for SEO certifications is also a good choice. SEO certifications are granted to those websites who have performed to a good standard and have highly experienced professionals. A SEO certification tells about the company’s command over the work. For SEO certifications, refer to them who hold maximum worthiness. In India, there are two of them:-

1. Google Qualified AdWords Company (Only a select few reputed SEO Companies in India have this Certification)

2. SEO Certification from holds a high value as well

If your desired company passes all the above tests, then there is no problem in dealing with that company as it is the one you can rely on. Otherwise your hard earned money is under a wastage risk.

This exercise is especially relevant to SEO companies because the results of work show over a period of 6 months or so. Therefore, by the time you realize that you are in the wrong hands, you have lost precious time & money. So be careful and make the right choices.

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