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For those of you that are new to email marketing, you may have heard about “creating a list”. You may be asking yourself what is a list and why do I need one?

The list that you are interested in is a list of email addresses. These are not just addresses that were pulled out of a hat. They are addresses of people that have an interest in your niche – a niche is a smaller section of a large market.

For example: you are working in the market of “health” and the product you are promoting is vitamins – so your “niche” would be something like: supplements, healthy eating or increased energy.

To understand why you need an email list you first must understand the email marketing process.

1. First you need to create a one page website.

2. Funnel traffic to the one page website (traffic = prospective customers)

3. Give a free gift to entice people to sign-up to your list through your one page website. The gift can be an ebook or some other digital media.

4. Build up the list over time (could take a few weeks or a few months)

5. Once you have a good size list (30 to 40 people) you can market products or services to it – you already know the people on your list will have an interest in these products or services, because they have an interest in your niche.

This whole process is the basic engine of email marketing. Once its setup it will run with little input from you – which leaves you more time to do marketing (drive traffic to your web page).

To create a list you must drive traffic to your one page website. Visitors will find an opt-in box on your page – this is where they will give their name and email address.

You need to give the visitor a reason to supply you with their name and email address – you can do this by offering them a FREE gift such as an ebook and/or a subscription to a weekly news letter that would have something to do with your niche.

Driving traffic to your site is how the list is created – so know the question is how you drive traffic to your site? By using marketing techniques.

What marketing techniques work? There are many marketing techniques and strategies – new ones show up every year. Here are a few:

• SEO – search engine optimization.
A process that improves the visibility of a website to search engines.

• Forum marketing
Interact with forums that discuss your niche. Post and reply to topics in the forum. Include your signature at the bottom of each post you make – a signature contains your website address.

• Newsletters
Newsletters are emailed to your list – this technique won’t work until you have some people on your list. The newsletters will have your website address and an opt-in box for new subscribers – the letters are often passed on to people that are not yet signed up to your list which gives your website more exposure.

• Email signatures
Attach a signature to the bottom of all your outgoing emails. The signature will include your website address.

• Online articles
Write an article within your niche and publish it to an online article directory, forum or blog. The article provides content for the viewer and establishes you as an expert in that niche.

• List swaps
You must have about 500 people on your list for this to work. Simply swap your list with someone else in your niche. This technique could double the size of your list over night.

• classified ads
Posting ads to online classifieds such as “Craigslist”. Do not over post or you will be accused of spamming and your ad will be removed – no more than two per day.

• Online giveaways
You will need about 40 to 50 people on your list to participate in this technique. There are sites on the internet that host online giveaways. These sites are looking for free content to entice people to visit their site. Your free ebook or digital media is just what they are looking for. The giveaway sites allow your to link your one page website to theirs in exchange for you promoting their site to your list.

• Social bookmarking
Similar to bookmarking a web page in your browser. A social bookmark is shared on the web thru a social bookmarking site and can be seen by the entire internet. You could bookmark your site, an article you wrote, a web page featuring your products or services, etc.

• Social networking
A social networking site is made up of people that have common interests. Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet. In Facebook friends are built much like in real life, people that share common interest and likes find each other and become friends. You can share information between friends such as messages, photos, links to other sites and videos. As of 2011 Facebook has added the Like page, which is intended for business use. You can create a Like page much like you did your web page, be using a HTML editor. Their are also templates available to down load which will speed up the creation of your Like page.

The main idea behind all of these techniques is to get the name of your website out their and to tell people what you are offering.

It’s not necessary or even possible to do all of the marketing techniques, just do two or three that you enjoy doing and that give good results.

Once you have implemented a few of these techniques let them work for a few weeks. By then your list should be growing, if it’s not you can make adjustments or change to another technique.

The internet has many choices when it comes to making money. I believe that my website can help you take the first step into a “work from home business”. My site is totally FREE, I’m not selling any products – just giving out good information. You will receive the information you need to create your very own website in simple step-by-step instructions. You will also receive a FREE news letter full of information pertaining to website creation and making money online.

Warm regards, Mike Bliss

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