How To Find Copywriting Jobs

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Whether you’re just starting out as a copywriter or you have years of experience, you will need to source new clients and ensure that you don’t suffer periods where you have no work coming in.

The internet has opened up a vast array of opportunities for copywriting jobs but just where do you go to find work of this kind? A good place to start is with ‘bidding sites’. Enter a search term such as ‘find copywriter jobs and you will find pages of these sites coming up. The premise is the same in that an employer posts some copywriting work and invites people to place their bids for the job. If the employer likes your bid and your work samples then the job is yours.

Many copywriters have found lucrative copywriter jobs in this way but the sites themselves are very different. Often, however, you will find yourself up against bidders from countries where $1 US an hour is considered a good wage and in some cases the employer will be tempted by this low bid even if the work is likely to be poor when the writer isn’t using their native tongue.

Fortunately, many employers recognise that with copywriting jobs, as with many things, you get what you pay for. From experience, you tend to find better paid jobs on On many other sites you could find that employers are looking for low paid workers, but it’s worth looking at, and Although these mostly offer freelance work and one off projects, you may find that they offer an opportunity to meet clients who will offer you frequent work, or even a permanent job.

If you’re looking for permanent work, then the online job boards such as Monster, Jobsite and Total Jobs are the place to go. These are frequently used by recruiters to raise awareness of vacancies and most offer an alerts service, which means you will be notified of new roles as soon as they become available. Online classified sites are also good for both freelance and full time copywriting jobs and in particular is well worth checking.

Away from the internet, it is worth looking in national and local newspapers to find copywriter jobs. It’s also worth making a call to recruitment agencies, particularly those who specialise in this type of work. Again, a search on Google will reveal a list of these who you can contact.

For writers based in the UK, is a great place to find copywriting jobs

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