How to Get a High Ranking on Google: The Latest Strategies

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Google is by far the most widely used search engine in the world. How to get a high ranking on Google has therefore been the quest of many website owners. The advantages of your website being listed in the first pages of the result pages are obvious – more targeted traffic. This is why website owners are doing all they can to get that high ranking on Google. They are using a variety of tools and strategies to achieve that. Explained in this article are only the most effective and the latest strategies.

Use the right keyword phrase

Using the right keyword is the most essential thing that you should do. So what is the right keyword? For every niche, there are good and bad keywords available. Use Google’s keyword tool and Market Samurai to identify the best keywords for your articles. Long-tail keywords will work best to compete in the big sea of Google searches.

However, it is not just about using the right keyword. You should also use it in the right way. Gone are the days when all you needed to do is stuff your website with the keyword. In fact, if you use the keyword so many times, Google considers that as keyword stuffing and your page is penalized for that. To be safe, let your keyword density not exceed 3%. If you are finding out how to get a high ranking on Google, it is also important to note that the keyword should not only appear in the body of your content but also in the title of your page.

High quality content

If you have been following the SEO regulations, you must have noted that there are now stricter requirements for page content. Google is looking for high quality content that will satisfy its users. As a result, pages with content that has been simply copied from other websites and presented in a slightly altered manner are unlikely to have high page ranking.

A fatal mistake that SEO experts sometimes make is to write the web content for search engines. That is, they optimize the web content such that the pages can easily be found by search engines while compromising the quality that users require. When designing the web content, do it for the user with search engines in mind and not for search engines with the users in mind.

A point that you should keep in mind is that Google loves fresh content. If you regularly update your website with fresh content, you stand a better chance of having your website ranking high.

Leads from other websites

If many people are linking to your website from other websites, Google interprets this to mean that your website contains high quality and helpful content. It then rewards the content with high ranking. How to get a high ranking on Google is about intelligently combining all these techniques and keeping yourself updated on the latest changes in matters of the search engine world.

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