Long Tail Keywords and How to Develop Them With Ease

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It may be that you have heard about long tail keywords and have not known what they were. When people are looking for something on the Internet, they will enter several words and phrases into the search box of the search engine to locate specific products and services. Long tail keywords are simply the multiple word phrases that are made up of three of more words.

It is these long tail keywords, rather than the more usual one or two word keywords that people use when they are looking for something specific. An example of this is if you take the word ‘piano’ which might mean anything from looking at piano music to actually purchasing one, or perhaps learning to play one and needing to find somebody who will give you lessons. A long tail keyword associated with ‘piano’ might be ‘how to play the piano’, as this is more specific and will target those who are offering this service online.

Long tailed keywords are easier to rank because of less competition, so there are many benefits that can be derived from using them, particularly as they invariably have a good conversion rate. There are some important things to bear in mind when carrying our your long tail keyword research detailed below.

You need to have a specific niche in mind when you carry out your research, with the efficiency of your keyword capture being determined by your selected niche. You should always bear in mind your target audience when you research the keywords to use for your niche, considering the words these people might type into the search engine. Selecting the wrong keywords will be a disaster, as the very people you wish to find your web pages will not do so. In particular, you need to select long tail keywords that will be used by customers in your niche and not that of online large businesses.

There are various software applications you can use for researching long tailed keywords that you will find via use of a search engine. When you have found one you are satisfied with, open the research software and use your list of keywords to create a more exact list of keywords. This time you will find you have a list of long tail keywords that will be related to your particular product. Do not always elect to have the one that is the most popular, as there will be a great deal of competition for it, so select one that is perhaps not quite so popular, as you will have a greater conversion rate if you do so. Also, bear in mind there is a lot of competition for the short tail keywords, so try selecting long tail keywords such as ‘losing weight using hypnosis’ which will mean you rank quickly as there will be less competition from competing sites.

The Google Keyword Tool is always a good place to start as this gives a very good indication of how much competition there is for particular phrases. You need to be very specific so that you will have a better chance of ranking with the search engines. Focus your attention on trying to get a niche that has yet to be exploited by other marketers. Take your time to find the right keywords and your traffic will increase with the right selection.

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