Tips to Buy Backlinks for Local Search Oomph

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Buying backlinks is a smart way to boost search engine relevancy but it’s also frowned on by the search giants like Google. According to them you’re gaming the system. The bonus to business owners is that the search engines are still having a rough go of determining what is a purchased link and what’s editorial (meaning someone gave it freely).

Buying those links is still a solid method for boosting local relevancy but there are a number of other things that you can do in collaboration with an SEO company to boost your local search presence. These are all tried and true methods that will put you at the top of the local search when people start plugging away at Google, Yahoo! or Bing for local products and services

Location Keywords

SEO is important for hitting global level search relevancy but you can achieve the same by using location based keywords within your site content. This tells the algorithm that you’re relevant to a specific area or region. Not only should this type of keyword make it into your general content but where possible it should be incorporated within your title and meta content – and footer – for every page.

Local Keyword Link Juice

When it comes down to your rank, it’s a huge popularity content. While it used to be primarily about the links you were getting, it’s also about the social proof with the most recent Panda/Farmer update. You can still gain the link boost by making sure that you’re linking your location based keywords. Likewise, if someone is linking to you, try to get them to use your geo-specific keywords

Generate Local Links

Like many local and regional businesses you likely rely on local business as much (if not more than) your online business. If so, that person-to-person contact offers up a lot of networking potential for driving traffic to your business. Having a customer or client put a link to you on their site or blog is as good as common word of mouth. You can also generate local links by running joint promotions, sponsorship programs and issuing local press releases online.

Claim your Local Spot Online

Make sure that you’re taking ownership of the local search services offered by Google, Yahoo and other business listing sites. These online services let you claim your business to help bring in more targeted traffic. It’s through these enhanced local listings that you can get a good, well-rounded listing in the search results. If you haven’t claimed your listing then you’re turning down a big opportunity for targeted traffic.

Enhance your Listing

This adds to the above item: On top of working with a service to buy backlinks, you should claim and enhance local businesses listings to offer search users a big glimpse into what doing business with you can look like. The backlinks you purchase will get you better placement for more landing pages while your local business listings can be optimized and enhanced with media to really sell you in the search results.

Ultimately, search engine optimization and search marketing are about selling your business to people in need of a solution. You need to work hard to market your business and your brand so that when people see you in the SERPs as a result of a strategy to buy backlinks, they’ll be more inclined to click through and do business with you as opposed to a local competitor.

If you want to dominate local and global search results then you need to buy backlinks – there’s no other way to stay competitive online and get targeted traffic. For the best SEO link building, contact Google Juice today – market domination has never been this easy.

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