Why Video Marketing Is Useful to Your Business?

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You have probably heard a lot about video marketing as the hottest marketing tool sweeping the online world and wondered how it may help you grow your business. As you might observe when visiting any website that features videos, it tempts the visitor to view them instead of reading all the heavy text on the website. Many marketing studies in the last couple of years have concluded that, videos are very effective in sales conversion compared to other techniques and video marketing works best.

Most visitors are fatigued very quickly after being on any website for more than a few seconds. If they don’t find anything to catch their eyes or grab their attention, they are not likely to show any mercy and click away to another link before you can bat your eyelids.

Videos, on the other hand, make them stop in their track and they are most inclined to watch a two minute video and give you a chance to push through your sales message. Numerous studies have shown beyond doubt that videos have much better customer conversion rate than plain Jane text copy. It scores nearly seventy five percent conversion rate and nobody in his right mind should give this powerful medium a miss.

More than half of what is being shown or talked about in your video is being understood by the audience. This is way above regular sales copy. A visitor who understands your message very close to what you intended, is more likely to place order. Better understanding results in trust and trust calls for action which goes in your favor. You can throw in your video as bait for those who are interested in being on your opt-in mail list. This can act as an incentive for people to sign up, enabling you to capture their mail addresses and other details.

The opportunity to hear and watch a real human face talking directly to the viewer leaves a lasting impression and goads the casual surfer to take some action. This may include opting in for a free ezine or another free video sent as a link to further explain the product or service. Not only should you embed videos in your website alone, you can also create video testimonials to further establish trust and confidence, as it adds to your video marketing endeavor.

Video testimonials will add credence to your product and website. When potential customers hear and watch others who have already used your products, they are more likely to believe them. Old style testimonials look very suspicious because they seem to be just names and in some cases photos which look creepy. Your updated videos or series of videos to carry on from the old will be more acceptable to your opt-in mail, because they can quickly soak in what is on offer and decide quickly.

It is better to move on with changing time and trends and adopt the exciting video marketing strategy to build your business.

Arnold Pedrigal is an award-winning video producer who has experience in creating videos that help organizations achieve effective branding. He is the Founder and Executive Producer of Prowave Media productions, a Silicon Valley-based creative marketing and video production company that uses technology and social media to help your organization solve the challenges of reaching your target audience. You can visit their website at: http://www.prowavemedia.com

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