5 Reasons to Use E-Mail Marketing to Grow Your Business

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Owners of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and online businesses alike can benefit from e-mail marketing. Starting an e-mail marketing campaign is a nice addition to a company’s online presence, as it will foster traffic to both the company’s website and online store (should one exist).

1. Create Repeat Business. One of the main reasons for using e-mail marketing is that it keeps past customers abreast of new products or specials available, and can generate a high amount of repeat traffic. By sending out a monthly newsletter highlighting the specials of the month, you’re encouraging more sales or visits from past clients.

2. Instant Delivery. Seeing the full extent of the growth from an e-mail campaign may take a few months, but customers can be made aware of new events or news at your company with an instant e-mail alert. Some email-marketing managers will allow you to determine which topics or links embedded in your newsletter were clicked the most frequently. (If you’re going about it properly, hopefully it isn’t the “Unsubscribe” link).

3. Affordability and Environmentally Friendly. Keeping in touch with customers by snail mail is rapidly becoming old-fashioned, as the majority of hand-delivered coupons or product announcements go straight from the mailbox to the trashcan. E-mail marketing allows business owners to save thousands of dollars per year in postage and paper costs, while eliminating waste.

4. Increases Web Traffic. When explaining new products or services, be sure to include a link pertaining to that item. This will encourage readers of the e-mail to click on the links embedded in the e-mail, thereby increasing the amount of web traffic to your website or online store.

5. Constant Presence. By publishing a weekly or monthly newsletter, your company’s name is constantly being read by potential or previous clients. Simply put–people are reminded that your business exists. Highlighting noteworthy milestones is a good way to generate respect from customers, and with time and repeated announced successes, it will help your customers identify your business or website as an authority in that particular product or service.

Tips for E-mail Marketing

K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! 200 to 300 words per email is just enough content to keep the potential reader engrossed without overwhelming them with tedious information. Focus on one or two products or services to address in the e-mail, utilizing bullet points and bold text to increase readability and highlight key points.

Say No to Spam: While the name suggests spamming is permitted, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 instituted a $16,000 violation for spamming–per every recipient. Hiring a reputable e-mail marketing company whose software complies with the Act is the best way to protect the interest of your company and of future customers.

Opt for BiWeekly Distribution: Daily e-mails should be a privilege only granted to websites generating traffic in the millions, such as a news site or Google. Sending out a weekly newsletter may be justifiable if your company or website’s services or products are constantly evolving, or if there’s a new special offered every week. For the majority of small businesses, however, biweekly emails are sufficient: it appears enough to pique curiosity from prior customers, but not enough to resemble spam.

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