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Interestingly, search engines queries in excess of 30% have only a couple of words, rather than long self explanatory phrases! That’s about 1/3rd of the total number of net surfers who resort to search engine queries! Therefore, it is important to come up with suitable keywords to be able to maintain a place on the top search result pages. Most internet users do not even bother to go the second page. This is why partnership programs to resell SEO strategies and services are a lucrative option for internet based entrepreneurs. They can offer comprehensive package deals when they plan to resell SEO strategies as well. However, before signing up for such a program, it is best to first understand the basics.

Resell SEO Strategies – Frequently Asked Questions
Despite the structured process your SEO service provider must have put in place for members who join partnership programs to resell SEO strategies formulated by them, you could still have a few concerns. Some of the prominent ones include:

1. What initial investment do I need to make to resell SEO services?
The good news is that an entrepreneur does not need to invest at all. All he needs to do is to sign an agreement with the SEO service provider and become a partner in the reseller program. There is usually no joining or setup fee charged.

2. How do I earn through such a program?
The reseller earns via commissions. The commission is usually based on client fees and is paid on a monthly basis.

3. How soon can I start earning?
A reseller can start earning as soon as he begins working on increasing the visibility and internet exposure for the SEO service provider.

4. How do I promote the service provider?
The easiest way to promote your partner is by placing links, images, etc. on your website. You could also consider emails to your clients, introducing the service provider. Joining forums, discussions and social media networking sites will give you access to a large online population.

5. How will the service provider with whom I partner keep track of the clients I refer to them?
Usually, the service provider will offer a method by which your referrals can be identified. This could be the addition of a url at the end of a referral link or it could just mean placing tracking cookies. Confirm the method with the firm you partner with before you begin working.

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