Good Domain Names Can Be Your Most Profitable Investment

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What is in a name, many have asked. When it comes to the World Wide Web, apparently there is a lot. Businesses often make their most profitable investments with the domain names they choose to brand their business for the online community. Easy to remember names can be the difference between losing out to the competition and becoming the only name in one’s respective industry. Securing the proper domain name can be a challenging endeavor, but if one follows certain procedures, he can soon settle on a name that will represent the business well for years to come. In order to do so, one must keep the following matters in mind:

Firstly, domain names need not describe the whole of your business. Your domain name, while it can be your most profitable investment, should not necessarily tell one everything about the business. For starters, that would result in a name that was too long to remember, and it would frustrate your target audience. Keywords, on the other hand, should be specifically targeted whenever possible, but that is something best left for the search engine optimization campaign. With domain names, you should instead focus on branding and try to secure a name that is direct and to the point. If your business is “Lombardo’s Italian Food and Gourmet Cuisine,” for instance, you would want to first see if you could secure “Lombardos,” followed by the appropriate extension. If not, you might try “LombardosItalian.”

Secondly, it is important to capture the perfect extension, which is usually represented by “dot com,” though “dot net” and “dot org” are also very popular. What many prefer to do with their domain names is bundle them together and purchase a “dot com,” “dot net,” and “dot org” for the main root word. The reason they do this is they can redirect all attempts at reaching the destination to one central locale. This protects the integrity of the root word and it adds to the branding initiative.

Thirdly, a domain name should be supported by a site that is worth your reader’s time. If you run a restaurant, then you may wish to run web only specials, where patrons must go to the site to secure a discount for an in store purchase. You may also use the web to sell merchandise such as T-Shirts, coffee mugs, and other souvenirs. A good domain name can be a sales floor for you night and day, even when the doors are not open and there is no staff on the clock.

Before you move forward with your domain name purchase, make sure you have given appropriate consideration to its importance. Do your research and secure a name that will represent your business well.

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