Google’s Looking Into Social Signals As a Ranking Factor

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There’s no denying the fact that the blogosphere is once again… shifting.

And you thought you had everything really sorted out, didn’t you? Apparently, everything seems to be up in arms against the giant that is Google. And Google is responding.

Social signals.

Once again, Google is apparently trying to tweak some changes into its ranking factor. (Ranking factor, of course, refers to ranking in search engines and has something to do with search engine optimization (SEO)). Google will now give more importance to social sites, using data from social sites like Facebook and Twitter as a ranking factor (i.e., Twitter Retweets and Facebook Likes). Google is seriously considering the fact that Twitter retweets may be the new linking system and is a new form of building links.

Author authority.

Content that is being shared around on Twitter becomes really popular and its ability to be retweeted again and again has something to do with the credibility/popularity of the person who retweets a link or other content. So, even if your content is retweeted over and over but the ones retweeting it are not really persons of influence, content being retweeted has no bearing.

So, Google is actually measuring influence, so to speak.

Makes sense but can it really be quantified and measured? Just how sure is Google that it’s reading the social signals right? Just how sure is Google that the authority of the author is really that influential? It’s as if getting linkbacks or backlinks to your site is being pushed off the equation and the reliance on these social signals is being favored now.

Just how important are social signals and author authority as ranking factors by Google?

I still think that getting backlinks is very important in network marketing. It’s still very effective in driving traffic to one’s website. You can actually get a tool like Synnd™ to drive backlinks to your site and yet have your content made visible and shared all around social sites. There’s no need to sacrifice one for the other when you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

But, Google is really acting up with the latest updates in social media. There must be something really cooking that makes them want to dip their hands into this dish. And, does it still boil down to ranking factor?

Do you see a new trend emerging in ranking factors in SEO?

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