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Content within a website or blog may be interesting and helpful, however, without directing traffic to that content, there is no audience for the site. Backlinking is a popular and proven technique for increasing online visibility. Building quality backlinks is a critical step in the development of a website, making the site useful and if applicable, profitable.

What Is A Backlink?

A backlink is simply a listing of your URL address from another website to yours. When clicked, it links back to your content. Backlinking is another method of optimizing and marketing pages for search engines, or SEO strategy.

Why Do I Need Backlinks?

There are several reasons backlinking is an effective SEO strategy:

Backlinking can increase traffic to your website.

Links back to your website are used in the calculations Google uses to assign PageRank.

Backlinks improve your search engine results page ranking.

Effective Marketing And SEO Methods Used In Building Backlinks:

1. Link Exchanges

Link exchanges were born out of webrings. In its simplest form, it is a program allowing one site to offer a link to another site in return for a reciprocal backlink. While it can bring in targeted readers and increase link popularity, it may distract visitors to the original site before they fully review the site hosting the link. It is important to only send your readers to sites that will be helpful to them. Remember, any resources or links should add value to your audience. It is also helpful to minimize the number of outgoing links from your website.

2. Directory Submission

Directory submission may not increase direct traffic to your site in large numbers, but ensuring your site appears in the directories increases PageRank. There are blog specific directories and general directories. Looking at the PageRank of the directory can help identify those that are most beneficial. Avoid directories that require reciprocal links. Several directories to consider are:


Finest 4




Synergy Directory

Pedsters Planet

3. Social News/Bookmarking Sites

Social sites like digg, reddit, and are not only good for generating backlinks but also for driving traffic to your blog as well. If your backlink is featured on the front page of one of these social bookmarking sites it can generate many secondary links. It is important to ensure you are submitting quality content that fits the nature of the website. Other tips include:

Submitting every post you write on a blog may get your account banned. Submit relevant links at natural intervals.

Develop compelling titles and headlines and vary them if you are submitting to many bookmarking sites.

Ensure your summary descriptions explain the purpose and nature of the content. The summary should be quality content, not simply a list of keywords or a single statement.

4. Commenting

Leaving comments on blogs that focus on common topics is a good way of increasing awareness of your site or content. Leave thoughtful and interesting comments. If the CommentLuv plugin or Top Commentators plugin is used on the site, these have the added benefit of allowing a backlink and aggregating your comments. Often, you can generate a backlink to your site within the sidebar of another site. Although a temporary link, it still creates awareness, leads to increased traffic and boosts page rank. Frequently commenting on a site may encourage the site or blog owner to create a permanent backlink to your content.

5. Write Quality Content

Nothing is more effective at generating backlinks than quality content. Quality content gets noticed, gets linked to and gets commented on. Even with the best SEO strategy and backlinking methods, if your content fails to be useful, readers won’t visit your site.

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